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The Simplest Thing Most Writers Are Too Scared To Do

A lot of freelance writers have asked me how I get assignments. The answer is simple, but it’s admittedly scary: Just ask.

As a writer, we fall in love with our words. 415 more words


How To Actually Make Money Writing

The first time I ever submitted a piece to someone and got it accepted, I was over the moon. Here I am, writing things and being paid for it, I thought. 1,029 more words


How To Get Started Writing User Manuals For Software And Devices

It may not be the most glamorous writing assignment in the world, but writing user manuals can be profitable, steady work that pays the bills while you’re busy working on your novel. 653 more words


7 Tips on Overcoming a Writing Rut

Despite my best intentions, I find myself getting stuck in ruts wherein I dither in emotional oblivion instead of writing. This week, I finally pulled myself out of a month-long rut. 850 more words


Making the Right Noises

When you get into freelance work, especially as a writer, you soon come face to face with the wall of silence. You have sent out your proposals or your speculative emails and then you have nothing to do but sit and hope for a response. 525 more words


Writing Eulogies For Those Who Have Passed On To The Other Side

My grandfather likes to say that there are two things in life you can rely on: death and taxes. While one concentrates on taking our money, the other gives us money – that is, if you’re a eulogy writer. 1,029 more words


Writers's Daily Life III: Working Places & Noise.

The undeniable connection between working space and noise level makes that I discuss both subjects jointly.¬†I refer as much those cases in which the authors can choose their working place as those in which they struggle with work environments that aren’t the intended. 972 more words