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GRAND Schemes

I once heard someone say, “Cemeteries are the richest places on earth because most people take their great ideas to the grave.” It’s a bit of a forced… 1,248 more words


Short Story Cherry

I’ve popped mine with the Maple Tree Literary Supplement, where my short story The Twelfth Juror is now published in Issue # 18.

The story was inspired as much by my immediate present of living near 361 University as by my distant past of working server jobs, my even more distant past of witnessing the 1991 government changeover in Ethiopia, and road trips both taken and imagined. 238 more words


An update

Nearly a whole month away is not great practise. I can only say it has been a month full of distractions.

I would be lying if I said I was just too busy. 403 more words