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The Dream Harvesters

Imaginary Places #2

There is an island in the Atlantic named Quantos with an interesting history; it was home to a civilization known as the Dream Harvesters. 1,726 more words



The voices began calling me at night. Now it seems impossible that there was ever a time without them, so perhaps I should say that I remembered them one night. 394 more words


The Hero's Journey

It’s been a while since I’ve done a post specifically about writing, and since a friend of mine has begun work on his own novel, I thought it would be a good time to give a little more advice. 729 more words


the truth

A real man doesn’t have to touch your breasts to know your heart.

A real man doesn’t have to taste your lips when you kiss to know you’re sweet. 173 more words

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This is roneige's point of view on a situation that he and i both were in and it's the best thing i've read and the first thing i'm reblogging on my own blog

Depression Battles


In the embrace of the darkness we find comfort.

Looking at our past and future pain, sitting presently lost in time, it evades our brain… 119 more words


Very Inspiring Blogger Award-Many thanks to Marilyn for the nomination


Many thanks for nominating this blog for the prestigious Very Inspiring Blogger Award. Reading hannamar’s blogs as well as her comments have been truly an inspiration and a source of great learning. 338 more words


The Book, this is the last time i post it because i don't know if i wanna finish it or make it better so here.


The snowflakes seemed to serenade the skyline’s figure as the descended onto the ground where they created a cocoon of bitter fluff. I find calm in these winter storm where the snow is thrown to and fro with only one objective in mind. 10,229 more words