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Whitman Taught Me

Waking up I find myself alone
Not until the active conscious thoughts engender wholeness comes the moment of limitless expansion.
Gratitude is the candy of our soul; 64 more words


If I could

If I could
I would dance in Rome
Write about the vino
And the lovemaking
Under the bridge

If I could
I would stroll the Seine… 32 more words


The Christian and criticism

Today I want to bring up a topic that a lot of Christians don’t really know too much about, and that’s criticism. Now wait, I’m not saying you don’t know what criticism is, I’m talking about Christian’s reactions to it. 455 more words


Writing query letters

Query Letters

For all you writers out there: I wonder if you feel as I do, that sometimes writing the query letters and synopsis’ are harder than the book you labored over! 355 more words


The Genres: Suspense/Thrillers, and the notion of being preachy

Suspense and thriller novels are another couple that often live in the same category. Suspense is the lesser of the two, while the thriller is more intense in its delivery. 441 more words