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My Solution To News Overload

From reading emails to managing status updates on mobile devices 24/7 – we are consuming information like never before.

“The world is waging the Third World War” is the first statement dropped in most of my conversations on politics these days. 576 more words


The Sad Truth Is

M.J. Rose said:
“They (writers) need to understand that they need to promote themselves, and that there’s a way to promote yourself without acting like a used-car salesman. 634 more words


On Eavesdropping.

Eavesdropping is generally considered unethical and just plain rude, but in a city like New York it’s difficult to not let it become your favorite pastime. 98 more words


An Infinite God: #5 in The Great Adventure Manifesto

I believe that we limit God much more than He limits himself, and that our understanding of God is limited because we are afraid to test the boundaries of our understanding. 305 more words


Finding A Profitable Blog Topic Idea

The book I read to research this post was How To Find A Profitable Blog Topic Idea by Steve Scott which is a very good book that I bought from kindle. 315 more words


The Genre Game

It turns out the hardest part of writing a query isn’t trying to fashion a snapshot synopsis, (although that is definitely not an easy task). The hard part comes in the “logistical” paragraph. 591 more words