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Daily Prompt: Burnt

Today’s daily prompt is called Burnt and its a sequel to yesterdays prompt. It asks;

Remember this prompt, when your home was on fire and you got to save five items…

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Writing Challenge

30 January, 2015

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20150130: day 30

Happy 2015!! Ready to commit to three-words-a-day for a year?


Check out about 3 words, the first posting, for what to do. 37 more words


Who do you want in your head?

Earlier this month, Anne published a post about how your feed reader can change your life. Her main argument was that reading about a topic can increase a person’s interest in that topic: she recommended, for example, adding blogs related to exercise if your New Year’s resolution is to work out more often. 446 more words


Band of the Month: Nothing More

Hey everyone! Happy Friday and welcome to my, now very active, blog. I am going to start a new series as a part of my recent commitment to make this blog what it should be. 627 more words


Can We Talk About....Adult Acne

Dear Emilie,

Friday has finally come and the most pressing thing I can think of to talk about is my skin. And no. This is not a phone all from 1999. 274 more words


The Subtefuge

Under the weather’s

Consistent disappointments

Sly Sleet sinuates –

Adversity revels

In Tombstone pistol whippings

Fatuous sunbeams –

indifferent to fluey colds –

wait above the storm… 9 more words