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Um hi.

Okay, no, that was a super lame ‘hi’. Lemme start again.

Hiya, how you doin’? That was also kinda stupid, but I tried, right? 330 more words


Project Done . . . Let the Wandering Begin

Book 7 of Legends of Windemere has been edited and headway is being made on Book 6: Curse of the Dark Wind.  I’ve come to realize that being a few books ahead in writing/editing can cause confusion.  251 more words

Rambling mind : commuting, quotes, NaNo, and snow - in no particular order

So, 60 degrees on Monday, a foot of snow forecast for Wednesday.

Now I remember why we intend to move out of this area when we retire in a few short years. 984 more words



The human race is a beautiful thing, but so many times its people disgust me. God, I cannot begin to describe the dismay and shame I feel for so many around me. 288 more words



I find it hard

to put pen to paper

and dig deep in the archives

of my innermost emotions

and string together

a smooth sounding configuration of words… 106 more words


Taking Shape

Things are starting to take shape around here. I hope you’re liking this theme!


Chasing Time

If you weren’t such an important part of the way we measure our existence I would call you a coward. Why you choose to hide behind second hands and between work schedules I would never know. 146 more words