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When my words turn to ashes, please never forget what love brings me in. A new forged soul; stronger and mightier. I play hard enough to keep my pace from autumn. 23 more words

The Tweeting Whitmans: How a Dead Poet's Mother Made Me Love Twitter

Friends, I have a confession to make.

Several posts back I professed my dislike of Twitter. I may even have used stronger words than “dislike.” True, for lo these many years I did not see the potential benefits of tweeting and being tweeted at. 636 more words


Today's Your Birthday

Had to go to the Prague Monitor (Czech Republic) to find this event.


Quoting Thomas Edison

Thomas Edison, my biography for early readers, was released by National Geographic this month. The book is part of a series and one thing I like about the format for the series is that there are many short sidebars throughout the book. 808 more words


The Crack of a Bat!

NOTE: This is a column I wrote last year and since it’s baseball season I thought I would share it here.


The sound of the wooden bat smacking that ball echoed across the park. 506 more words

Every morning when my skin sun-kissed by the morning light I pray for gods to let me breathe same air as you do because life gets harder and harder without you by my side. 


The things we did, the things we said.
They made me trust in heart over head.

Never again will I be making that mistake,
calling fondness real when it’s obviously fake. 53 more words