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Monuments of Golden Gate Park (Weekly Photo Challenge: Monument

Good Evening:

Taste in monuments sure has changed over the course of a century. Golden Gate Park hosts a large variety, and most are fairly mundane statues honoring various types of artists: 319 more words

The San Francisco Scene--Seen!


A cab 

ran over 

a rat   

N Is For...

Another day, another letter…worn out yet? Im getting there i must admit. I had a blinding headache yesterday afternoon that seems to have continued into this morning. 468 more words


The Women's Revolution

“Over the years, gender equality has taken up new meaning. With each victory in society comes the realization of increasing opportunities for women. According to a recent census, the state of women has progressed on four fronts: politics, freedom from violence, education, and the workplace…”



John Green Quote #007

“Are you a banana?”

“Oh come on. These questions are just getting stupid. Like, do I have some kind of pale exterior that you can peel away and then-”

19 more words
I Do This A Lot - Trust Me

Writer Mary Roach videochats with journalism students

“The woman’s image popped suddenly into view, her short silvery hair sweeping across her cheeks as she leaned into the camera. Watching her projection on the board, the first period journalism class jotted down notes, listening intently to the writer share her story…”



N as Net



As I mentioned in my previous post, Net is the hunter village located in the wood in the south eastern part of Mories.

The villagers are all hunters, women included, and even if in the later part of their life they’re covering other roles, there was a moment in their early years in which they took a weapon and went to kill a beast. 348 more words