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A tale to haunt your days and nights

Tomorrow is Halloween, and I am going to be dressed as Tinkerbell.

Seeing as though last year I was the girl from The Ring (demon-spawn Samara herself), I figured this year it would be nice to bring a touch of levity to the holiday. 844 more words


NANOWRIMO is nigh upon us

I couldn’t resist the obvious meme.

NANOWRIMO is around the corner – literally for those of you NOT in Pacific Standard Time. Believe it or not I am still quarreling within on whether or not to fully participate. 281 more words


The Last Act

In Olalla’s Grove
crimson cowards conceal themselves
under an ocean of apricot muslin.

Pruning knives have been honed.

Creative Writing

Think Tank: Instagram Likes

As part of my duties as student assistant extraordinaire, I help run Cal Poly Pomona’s Instagram. On my way into the office at 1 p.m., I snapped a photo of the CLA Building, edited it a little bit, and posted it to the account. 380 more words


21 April 2002

Sunday morning, +- -7h45. Yesterday was Hitler’s birthday anniversary. At least, that’s what I understand. It may not be true. I mention it because it’s a little factoid floating about in my head. 117 more words

When do Mystery and Thrillers become Horror?

Ahh we’ve been there. Pondering about our outlines and ideas and thinking how certain elements or ideas make our project more and more exciting and finally realized that it was not necessarily LitFic and Magical Realism just didn’t have the right ring to it and suddenly  things took a turn for the darker. 99 more words