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U is for Urdu

U is for Urdu: In the world of Gossamer Steel the inhabitants of Bhārata (India sub-continent) speak predominantly Urdu and Hindi, although there are other languages native to the enclave, such as… 452 more words


Mates Universe

From the time
we roam in
Matter from
different slices
of the whole,
we are found
clinging to each other,
protecting one another,
fulfilling The Creator’s… 20 more words


Stop Learning and Start Thinking

In his TEDx talk, “Forget What You Know,” Jacob Barnett says we should at times stop learning and start thinking. Barnett is the world’s youngest astrophysics researcher. 268 more words


The Journey We Take - Chpt. 2 The White Spirit

Golden eyes flashed open, frantically scanning their surroundings. Wooden walls, woolen sheets, and window welcoming daylight confirmed their security. Shannon sat up in his bed, his memories and senses slowly returning.He scanned the room one more time, testing its reality. 2,414 more words


Some people drain my energy right out.. my dad’s one of them, my ex is another.. not a lot more than that in common between the two, though. 15 more words


What Are You Writing/Reading Wednesday

Another awkward video blog for your amusement! Honestly though, I think I may be getting better at this recording thing…:D

Have a blessed day!

Another memory in algorithm

Suburban life can be maddening for a man under pressure. On certain days he feels violated  by all the comparison. The people and things he sees spread up and down his street are like the people and things of his own life, only different, nuanced in ways he can’t quite explain. 624 more words