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|fresh start|

So tomorrow is the first day of college for me! I’m wicked excited, but scared as hell at the same time. This is a chance to start over. 60 more words


SENRYU -- 09012014

when I am here

her voice comes to me —

the laughter of the trees


© Copyright 2013-2014 Ron Evans


My favorite part of writing

It’s different for every writer.

Most writers agree that rewriting is their least favorite part. But we all have different favorites when it comes to the entire “conception to publication” process. 312 more words


#FWF: the angel key

The Angel Key

The angel key opened more than hidden, bolted closed (from the inside and outside) or enchanted doors. The special clockworks could be calibrated to the individual with the shape of the key changed accordingly. 391 more words


And I Have to Live With a Boy!

One week, two days since I moved away. Seems like an eternity and five minutes at the same time. I left everything behind to chase a dream I hope is reality. 177 more words


New Beginnings Part 6


As I mentioned briefly, we didn’t have electricity and so when other children spent their summers playing video games in their air conditioned lounge rooms, we frolicked around the steep paddocks of giant grass, sweltering beneath our unfortunately brown clothes. 581 more words


Sleepless in Seattle (1993)

Sam Baldwin is a widower still grieving for his wife,
Who moves out to Seattle to revitalize his life,
But Jonah, his young son, decides he needs help even so, 567 more words