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Ali! Ali! I am free...ish!

The strangest thing happened today. I got enough free time (and I do mean free) to post. This excited me for roughly thirty seconds before I realized, as much as I  193 more words


Sources: Grand Jury Reached Decision in Ferguson Case

Time:8:04 p.m. CEST

A grand jury in the case of fatal shooting of Michel Brown in Ferguson agreed on a decision “on whether  to indict officer Darren Wilson, sources close to the process said, ” the Washington Post reports, “The online edition of Washington Post says news conferences are expected by the county prosecutors’ office and the Missouri governor later today.” 310 more words


Morning took the reins

In the morning I feel the anxiety creep in, clutching at my chest, clawing its way into my insides. The mask of dreams slips from my face, removed harshly with the blaring ring of Monday shaking me awake, my eyes still cloudy, sleep hazy and as I try to focus. 562 more words


I see the shadows of lives around me.

I see the shadows of lives around me.

Silence of the lifeless better than sounds of oxygen.

Chaos more euphonious than ingenious compositions.


Tranquil water more potent than tumultuous torrents. 110 more words


If you change the name of love :: SOTD

“Your crazy heart,
my crazy love,
repent now – how many times?”

She bought cigarettes just because she liked to watch me smoke, my fingers close to my lips, the pucker and pout around the smoking vessel, the way I left lipstick stains on the tip, a reminder that I was actually there. 282 more words


Your Voice

There’s something really weird about this night

It’s awkwardly cold and sky isn’t bright

It’s cloudy everywhere and stars are out of sight

But still from somewhere I can hear your voice… 45 more words

Happy 21st To Me

I’m still reeling from the whole experience of my 21st birthday, so bear with me if you will, as I go into details of the amazing weekends. 1,166 more words