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this is not a love poem

my heart races at the thought of your arrival
after being deprived of your soul for
eight months and seventeen days
you took a moment to scan the room as my gaze was fixed on you… 170 more words


Mengubah "HANYA" menjadi "JUSTRU"

Sudah sering ya, kita denger orang ngomong begini:

“Ah, saya sih hanya ibu rumah tangga biasa, taunya cuman ngurus anak aja… Ga ngerti sama bisnis2 begitu…” 357 more words

This Might Inspire You...


it is a charming wasteland
that we inhabit

a lonely stretch
of endless death
bordered on all sides
by the things we used to love

the gatekeepers



Living with Mirror Minds

Divided these versions of the self to satisfy my yearning for you. It is complicated but true, these are poems that need to be written. Astounded by your acquisitions – to many assumptions, building a strong foundation of emotions. 280 more words


Writing Tutorial: Step 8 - First draft

Step 8 – First draft

This step is what we all have been waiting for and the step we have worked hard to reach. With all the pre-work we have done you should feel pretty confident that you will be able to reach your goal of finishing the story and not get stuck in the writing process. 677 more words


A sextus of minor gestures

In the summer night

I feel the hunger for a plot of land,

  a garden or a small farm.

  My bones feeding on this racial memory… 290 more words

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Paranoia overcomes me.
A strange feeling runs through my spine.
Today as I was browsing the web boringly, I came across an article about tips for nervous flyers. 169 more words