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The King in Yellow - a perfect title for the season?

Easter – and I have no intent of partying or anything. But, I’m invited to a few dinners among the family which I will attend. The served food is actually pretty nice. 362 more words


The image burdened with pain

I sat alone
As I stare at the image
At the rear of the train

There hangs at his suit
The chains of his resignation… 90 more words


"The Day The Earth...Stood Still"

The Day The Earth Stood Still, released in 1951, is one of the highest-rated classic science-fiction films of all time, and certainly one of the most famous; January 15, 2011 was the  796 more words


Good Friday

When Jesus had taken the wine,
he said, “It is finished.”
And bowing his head, he handed over his spirit.

From John 18:1-19:42

The only story that matters today took place almost two millennia ago on a hill called Calvary. 173 more words


How is it possible for people to lived in a city that fill with so many anger?

Towards each other, towards the rich, towards government, toward the city itself. 199 more words


100 Sad Days.

So lately, there’s been a kind of Instagram fad going around with the hashtag “#100happydays.”  Being ever the anti-trendsetter, I thought a bit about what it means for these people to be undertaking a project like this.   341 more words


Self-Learning by Jelisa Robinson

It all started with Omar in the fifth grade and progressed with Carlos, Miguel and others.  I wasn’t fast; I was just captured.  Captivated by a language I did not speak. 544 more words