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Musings on Mortality

I am terrified of death.

Maybe I’m alone here. I’ve gone to church my whole life, so I know that I am supposed to be excited about death. 328 more words


A Poem A Day #480

When I’m in the air,
Sitting on the tallest peak,
I feel so awake.

By Catherine Joy


I like you.

But you wouldn’t understand why.

Our paths won’t get to realize that.

But I like the way your eyes seem so alive,

And how you smile at me, as if you can see my feelings right through my eyes. 115 more words


I hold a hope in my heart for our city, our state, even our world, as sad a shape it seems to be in. Above all, I hope for our children.


The Room.

If you could zoom through space in the speed of light, what place would you go to right now?

There’s an empty room, somewhere distant, that I visit on occasion, when the time is right, when the need arises. 300 more words


David Granger takes a whimpering bow #guyana #mutton

With no response from the President to his request for the naming of a date for local government polls, Leader of the Opposition David Granger was yesterday unprepared to give specifics on his next course of action.

70 more words

Quote Of The Week - To Live A Creative Life

I admit, my series “Quote Of The Week” has definitely become a favorite of mine. From thinking about a quote, searching for inspiration, designing the picture and writing the actual text – I love it all. 252 more words