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Café, je t'aime

I miss that feeling you get when you enter a coffee shop. The smell of roasted beans permeate the air and the spike of caffeine already reaches your veins even before the coffee touches your lips. 482 more words


The tales of an empty bench

There is something about an empty bench.  They whisper stories of past sitters.  They probe your mind and analyze your brain.  What do they say to you?



Where are you today?

Twenty-two and a “career woman”. That is who I’ve become, and it’s definitely a long way from my young adult days. 262 more words


[original] Price Of My Freedom

I’m in a rather horrible mood today and this thing just happened. 48 more words

Original Works

a Patricide

Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned!

Forgive me, Father, for I have committed a patricide!

…It was an ordinary day. It was an ordinary day except for the one fact. 181 more words


Fly Strips

Before moving to 8,000 feet I never once owned fly strips.  I’ve never actually liked them.

But, when Nate and I were having to fight flies away from our dinner one night I gave in and we bought some.   149 more words


Week in Review: a single and an album from two very different female performers

This was written in April 2013 and was published on The Daily Princetonian’s culture and music blog, Intersections. Unfortunately, during their website overhaul, it was lost to the ether.  827 more words