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prompt 1

When we were still in high school you told me that first time you’d held the door open for me- you could have married me right on the spot. 294 more words


My mind is a maze.
All my thoughts have ensnared me.
I may not escape.

I fear the worst. 


Sixty Days: A List

Sixty days before the contest ended, I read the announcement with enthusiasm.

30 days before the closing, I thought seriously about what I would write for an entry. 305 more words

Help me choose a cover for my next project.

Hi guys,

I am looking to put out a short story compilation and I’ve been working on the cover for it. I’ve come up with a couple contenders. 36 more words


She Killed Me: Episode 4 – The Valediction (part 17 of 23)

The Valediction (part 17 of 23)

Jonas and a nurse comes to my room early in the morning and wakes from my deep sleep. They let me wake before they make sure I swallow my pills. 285 more words


Elemental Dance

They turned and tossed in the autumn breeze

Like cloud shapes on a wind chime making their music,

Played by the currents and eddies of the tempest. 13 more words