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To My Soul Mate

To my soul mate,

My dear wonderful friend,

I am but a humble stranger,

Who has been watching you from afar


I have watched your magic tricks… 97 more words

to love

You are so brave. The storm thundering in your eyes, your heart. But hidden by your beautiful smile and actions.

You are terrifying. The way you speak of the world’s injustice, anger spilling from your skin. 152 more words

Random Stuff

So show me where you fit :: SOTD

Keep Art Alive :: Art by Ahren Hertel

You’re on your own in a world you’ve grown,
few more years to go,
don’t let the hurdle fall. 170 more words


Same Old Broken Feelings

Scavenging for truth,
don’t really know what to do.
Along in this lane for two,
longing for a person who
is actually you.

Dark alleys and dim lights, 89 more words


Dance is My Language

On stage she exudes the poise of an enchantress, whose fluid motions and divine stances could sway you away on a fantastical ride, but in person she is the epitome of humility. 696 more words


Bangkok Part 2: Food and more food

Hi everyone!!

Back with my bkk part 2: food. Everyone’s favourite. Post disclaimer: I am not too adventurous when it comes to food so much of what you see in the rest of the post would be cafe food. 1,280 more words