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Hair up, in a
messy bun.
ripped at her knees.
Blade marks
on her fair wrists.
Running mascara, staining
her cheeks.

Stench of
whiskey, and cigarettes… 46 more words


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Finals na, nagreview ka na b? Kumakaway na si Maroon 5.00 pero hindi ka pa rin natitinag, magreview ka na. Puro ka next sem hindi ka naman tumitino. 354 more words


He Gave His All

Joseph did as the angel of the Lord commanded him.
From Matthew 1:24

A few years after my dad passed away, God blessed my mom with the second love of her life. 286 more words


Untitled #14.

Stir iced coffee.

Fingers casually lift the straw.

Place straw between lips.

Sip the iced coffee slowly.

Feel the coolness go down dry throat.

Wait for the coolness to settle in stomach. 38 more words


In My Youth - One Windy Day

It’s early afternoon. The sky is mostly clear with just a few wispy clouds making their way across it. The sun has begun its downward journey toward the horizon again, though you would hardly notice.

593 more words
My Youth

Existence is so much more liberating when home is no longer associated with a place, but a purpose and a face.