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To the Future

Where are the rocket cars we were promised?
Where are the robots to do our work for us?
Where is the Utopia the legends told of? 35 more words


Follow-up on books for landscape design education

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First of all, there is reason to express my sincerest thanks to all those that responded to last month’s call. 908 more words


One Four.

Myths has it that, it comes and go like the wind.
Myths has it that, it’s unavoidable, you can’t escape it.
Myths has it that, it’ll hurt, it’ll scar, after it hits you. 80 more words


I Am Grateful

“Why are you so terrified?
Why are you lacking in faith?”

From Mark 4:35-41

Today’s date brings to mind a frightening and precious memory…

It was Monday morning when we put our son Mike on the school bus. 272 more words


One Four.

He inched closer, his desire glowing in those light blue eyes.

So inviting.

Biting onto her lips, she stares back at his intense gaze.

Her beautiful lock of black hair falling across her shoulders. 97 more words


One Three.

Hidden slightly by the winter fog, it sits alone and empty beside the river. The wooden walls of the cottage creaks softly from time to time as the wind blows. 95 more words


Against activism

In this short article first published in 1952, Amadeo Bordiga addresses “activism” as “an illness of the workers movement” that exaggerates the “possibilities of the subjective factors of the class struggle” and neglects theoretical preparation, which he claims is of paramount importance. 2,608 more words