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When the Stars Laugh

“Look up at the dark night sky. Admire the vast void littered with lights that lay above us. Stars my dear, stars made just for us. 260 more words


Can I tell you about this guilt that is eating itself inside up and through me-
it is curling in like tendrils across the cracks of a dehydrated heart… 125 more words

My Writing

Depression, a dark and evil foe.

About a year ago I was trying to write a story for NaNoWriMo, but the mood of the time lead me into deep waters.  I wrote for 6 more days after this first entry, but the direction of the words was ever darker and trending towards frightening, so I stopped.   417 more words


The only life you will ever live is your own.

                                                                   Think about that.

We go through each day thinking our own thoughts, doing our own thing, dealing with our own struggles and happiness. 331 more words


This Is Not Sweet Poetry

Aloha guys!

I just wanted to introduce you to another form of writing from my literature category. Some of you may be bored to death of the perfectly-rhymed stanzas of nonsense I tag as ‘poetry’. 340 more words


Tales of the Unexpected: Convincing members of English Upper Class that Sharia is Fairer than English Law!!!

I don’t know how it happened, nor could believe that it could’ve happen – but yesterday, me and my fellow MDI colleague, Zara Faris WON the… 1,333 more words


Ten Simple Pleasures in Life

1. Put your headphones on. Feel the blaring music. Get lost with its lyrics. Think that it is specifically written for you. Thump your feet on the ground if you feel like to. 235 more words