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Former Glory

Written for The Mag #228

Restore this house to its former
glory.  Remove the tattered
treads, rich with the footsteps
of all those famous people… 19 more words

Purple's Home


Written for: The Mag #226

Patience takes patience
when you are waiting
for that special person
to arrive. The hands
of the clock seems stuck. 17 more words

Purple's Home

Sated on a Summer Day

Written for The Mag #225

Ah, she muses, there is nothing
like a sweet summer day
after making love. Breezes
tickle my breasts as I rest… 22 more words

Purple's Home

Yellow Candy

Written for Magpie Tales #222

Maybe I am making a mistake
taking this pill. Everyone
else is swallowing them down
like candy. The music beats… 56 more words

Purple's Home

Thrift Shop

Written for The Mag #221

He had been in thrift shops, hunting
for the old wooden rocking horse
grandpa bought him
when he turned six. 16 more words

Purple's Home