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The Master

He purrs, tail curved
upwards, resting a striped
head on my knee. He has
been taught, bought by me
for my obedient collection
of calicos, tabbies, whites, 39 more words

Purple's Home

When Dreams Dare to Come True

Glittering gold of stardom swept
through the window blinding
her in a celluloid shield. Too bright,
too soon, she had reached
a pinnacle of success. She tried… 23 more words

Purple's Home


Webs and arrows of misfortune
printed her body with clues.

Under crescent moon, and few stars
a deadly deed befell her.

Excavation of the property’s flower beds, … 35 more words

Purple's Home


If you prefer not leaving
your room for a while,
as I do, essential items
must surround you,
with exception of a bathroom.
In my collection, at any time, 96 more words

Purple's Home

In Moonlight

Half-moon lights only tips
of my face–eyes, nose, circle
of lips–in silvery white.
Cerulean eyes dyed
deep as a sapphire stone.
Where fronds escape
moon’s reflected light, 50 more words

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Secret Remains

What could they have been
looking for in this mass
of destruction?  Nothing
worth taking here.  Even
prescription bottles
are outdated.  Have not
seen a television set… 39 more words

Purple's Home


Cooling clouds of day fade
into twilight.  Gypsy woman drifts
peacefully to sleep, small store
of possessions at her side.
Clutching her walking stick,
she dreams of wild beasts… 20 more words

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