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Written for The Mag  #234

In a field of fading flowers,
the artist sets aside his
canvas, unable to reconcile
the indigo inky sky thrusting… 31 more words

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Ghosts of Yell Sound

Written for:  The Mag #233

Where otters swim and play
in Yell Sound, fifty-eight
fishermen drowned at one
end of the sound on a drear… 50 more words

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X Equals What Value?

Written for The Mag #232

What do you make
of this painting?
Children with wings,
people riding sideways
on crosses. I see flames
of Hell below, being fed… 18 more words

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Must Be The Lighting

Written for The Mag #230

Mesmerized, they listen
through headphones
as the gold statue
in front of them
seems to take on
an otherworldly light. 23 more words

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Former Glory

Written for The Mag #228

Restore this house to its former
glory.  Remove the tattered
treads, rich with the footsteps
of all those famous people… 19 more words

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Written for: The Mag #226

Patience takes patience
when you are waiting
for that special person
to arrive. The hands
of the clock seems stuck. 17 more words

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