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Must Be The Lighting

Written for The Mag #230

Mesmerized, they listen
through headphones
as the gold statue
in front of them
seems to take on
an otherworldly light. 23 more words

Purple's Home

Former Glory

Written for The Mag #228

Restore this house to its former
glory.  Remove the tattered
treads, rich with the footsteps
of all those famous people… 19 more words

Purple's Home


Written for: The Mag #226

Patience takes patience
when you are waiting
for that special person
to arrive. The hands
of the clock seems stuck. 17 more words

Purple's Home

Sated on a Summer Day

Written for The Mag #225

Ah, she muses, there is nothing
like a sweet summer day
after making love. Breezes
tickle my breasts as I rest… 22 more words

Purple's Home

Yellow Candy

Written for Magpie Tales #222

Maybe I am making a mistake
taking this pill. Everyone
else is swallowing them down
like candy. The music beats… 56 more words

Purple's Home