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can’t I begin to believe
because I’ve sewn my heart to my sleeve
carrying the hate

I haven’t seen any light
the heavens burn from the fright… 104 more words


Love Will Remember

wait until the dark skies embrace the stars
then walk through the clouds to vanish those scars
I’ve understood the reason of distance
and will live on with no repentance… 55 more words



At one time I melted glaciers as my eyes widened to every drip

Those moments I could still taste pungent chemicals on my lip

There was the reality falling from its carousel seat within my mind… 44 more words


There's A Sky Within The Stars

I often ponder on the past
The future will always finish last
Corrupt souls lend their ears
I can walk away as the storm clears… 81 more words


Just Listen

i need to confess
these emotions left a mess
i’m on a road paved for one
tell god i’m done
my eyes can’t hide the shame… 115 more words


Reveal this

fallen heaven is my attained

do you understand I will ask
I’ll make sure your ride is last
reveal your god and forfeit this crude earth… 35 more words



when will the lost find atonement
wander through the stars without entanglement
I search the forgotten realms
enticed by fictitious emotions that overwhelms
I dismay my grief and envision this dilemma… 80 more words