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There are certain things you must do in the mornings

The first mouse that was caught in the trap stayed there with its neck crushed and its tiny limbs slowly stiffening for two days. I did not want to touch it. 553 more words

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When you are somewhere new, more importantly, when you are the new one, you listen a lot. You listen and listen and listen. You listen to the stories that have been told too many times to everyone else. 512 more words

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When you go walking and you are two

You stop for all the puddles. Every single one. Irish winters are made for puddle stomping. You throw stones in the puddles too. You get muddy all down your front. 525 more words

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It was Wednesday night so...

It was Wednesday night so we went to Limerick. Limerick that is decidedly British. Limerick, the only town with straight roads and square blocks in this land of curves and alleys and dead ends. 562 more words

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Welcome to my blog

I guess I might introduce myself like I was in AA.

Hi. I am addicted to eating. I love eating. I am emotionally connected to eating. 205 more words

Emotional Eating