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He Can Keep The Boots!

Ages ago, I bought some walking boots from a catalogue, biggest mistake I ever made. I should have waited and bought them from a proper outlet where I could have tried them on and tested them. 348 more words

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Hurdle one, done!

I walked to the gym, drinks bottle and purse in hand, thinking it would be the usual fat-shaming, embarrassing shit that you usually see in these type things. 196 more words

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What an Arse!

I made an ass of myself. Nothing new I know. So, after spending the morning feeling sick with nerves and butterflies in my damn stomach, my sister and I (she came for moral support) went to the gym and spoke to the girls on the desk. 340 more words

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Something to Focus On

So, the New Year, New Me thing has started.

Today will see me weighing in at Slimming World, again. Thursday will see me joining a gym under a GP referral. 607 more words

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Shitmas is over!

It’s safe to come out of the woodwork again. The festive season of bullshit and fake is over. Call me cynical but as parents we lie to our children about Father Christmas, letting some fat man in a red suit take all the credit for a year’s worth of slaving away and crafty buying and hiding skills. 436 more words

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A Post About Clothes: Does What You Wear to Class Define You?

First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR! i hope everyone’s year is filled with happiness, health and love!

The new year means only 3 more weeks of Christmas vacation for me and an upcoming new semester at college. 718 more words


Maeve's Mound

Not that I could care less, because I was in love, whatever that meant, with a man that rang me one Saturday morning and asked me to have his child.

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