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I was sitting in the sun with my back against a garden wall, recovering from the night and trying not to move too much. I had a burn on my calf from stumbling into a campfire, a slight headache from the whiskey that had been passed like a handshake among the strangers of yesterday and fellow wild haired and red eyed souls of today, and was feeling tired in the way that makes you lonely despite yourself, despite your determination not to be. 635 more words

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Summer blockbusters

El verano es una de las temporadas altas en la industria cinematográfica. Es la época en la que se estrenan las grandes producciones hollywoodenses, súper héroes, explosiones, caricaturas, comedias, mundos lejanos, aventuras épicas y una que otra película de terror compiten por el primer lugar en taquilla. 616 more words

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Castlepook means...

Castlepook means the fairy or spirit of the Castle. The Castle being the single grey stone tower that I see in the distance when I run to the top of the hill. 684 more words

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Visiting Kinsale and the Process of Peeling

Kinsale is a beautiful coastal Irish town, colorful and bright and quaint and fresh, fresh in the way only seaside cities can be, because the breezes are cool and come from greater distances, whipping around you with just the slightest moist and fishy edge. 748 more words

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Andy Warhol

 “En el futuro todos tendrán sus 15 minutos de fama”

-Andy Warhol

El principal exponente del Arte Pop es también uno de los personajes más controversiales de finales del siglo XX. 986 more words

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Settling In

Settling in. That is what you must do when you come to Ireland. This means letting go. Letting go of the need for strict and sure outlines, the need for moving always, going somewhere, building something better, amassing and progressing. 777 more words

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Coming Soon...

I’ll be posting a review on the first issue of Oddly Normal (as soon as I can get my hands on it). The comic book is written and drawn by the brilliant Otis Frampton and you can check out his work on http://www.otisframpton.com/

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