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Turning it around?

So these last two months have seen some great progress.
I went to the Opticians, which is a huge thing for me. As anyone who has had their eyes tested, the Ophthalmologist (Eye doctor) gets all up in your face checking the eyeballs for stuff. 224 more words

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Her Beauty Wasnt the Cause...

3 weeks ago I was talking to one of my friends who works at a local secondary school. For the sake of anonymity I am going to call this friend Cece. 1,335 more words

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Lesson #0 Pre-Departure

TET Programme

The Teaching English in Thailand (TET) programme gives university students and graduates the opportunity to become an English teaching assistant for 9 weeks at a random school in Thailand. 1,058 more words

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Podcast Shutting Down...

Due to an overwhelmingly negative response to our podcast, we will be leaving you now.

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Week 3&4 and Final Conclusion| No Meat Challenge

Weeks 3 &4 were pretty good. I think I finally got comfortable with some of my available ingredients and made some really good food. Don’t have any pictures, but just visualize me making tortillas, beans, and mexican rice with avocado salsa, hmm hmm hmm! 839 more words

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Diary of a Uni Student - Entry One

So if you have been following my personal blog and social networking pages, you would have seen that I was keen to start “Diary of a Uni Student”. 781 more words



So this morning I had the doctor’s and a medication review.

The outcome was that the new doc was going to write to the Doctor’s with regards to the meds I am on to see what they say to increasing certain meds because of the increase in my anxiety tics. 88 more words

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