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When you are somewhere new, more importantly, when you are the new one, you listen a lot. You listen and listen and listen. You listen to the stories that have been told too many times to everyone else. 512 more words

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When you go walking and you are two

You stop for all the puddles. Every single one. Irish winters are made for puddle stomping. You throw stones in the puddles too. You get muddy all down your front. 525 more words

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It was Wednesday night so...

It was Wednesday night so we went to Limerick. Limerick that is decidedly British. Limerick, the only town with straight roads and square blocks in this land of curves and alleys and dead ends. 562 more words

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Welcome to my blog

I guess I might introduce myself like I was in AA.

Hi. I am addicted to eating. I love eating. I am emotionally connected to eating. 205 more words

Emotional Eating

On raves, fairy lights, growing up and growing upwards

Driving into the windy hills of west cork makes you feel particularly wild and a bit on edge. On edge in a good way, the way you might feel when there is a storm brewing but you can’t wait for it to arrive, thunder and all. 665 more words

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Big Sounds in a Small Club in a Big City on a Small Island

On the train out of Dublin, there was an old man sitting across from me, wearing a sweater vest, wearing a hat, wearing slacks and exactly the right kind of shoes. 832 more words

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Thoughts on rituals, sacrifice and good meat

Not long ago I came back from my morning run to see a goat hanging from the fence near my cottage. Hanging by his feet, his neck red and dripping. 897 more words

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