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Coffee was usually my sole incentive to getting up in the morning. I’d stumble out of bed blindly using the walls of the small apartment as my only guide to the kitchen and I’d thank God for not being able to afford any wider hallways. 341 more words



My name is  Alex. I am 26 years and 278 days old. that is  9768 days in total. 

On the way back to my apartment I noticed that my neighbor’s door was open. 13 more words



I entered Irene’s apartment. I went in there once before when the kid was born. Why do people always insist that you must see their babies?!! 237 more words



my favorite film is named “To this day” by Shane Koyzcan and it is an animated short/ poem. i chose this out of my other favorites because it portrayed the absolute most amazing poem. 37 more words



Dear Reader,

Something I have often been told is my biggest problem is that I always put everyone else first. 417 more words



I grabbed his arm but he wouldn’t budge.

“Come on kid, we have got to get some help”.

It was like trying to move a stone from underneath a mountain. 92 more words



It all happened too fast.

I shoved the kid back and grabbed a broom stick then turned around quickly to receive the first stab in my left shoulder. 143 more words