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Someone gave you all my love !



E-Book Release

My book: Thoughts of a Crazy Old Man has just been released as a e-book for all those who’d like to do the electron thing:  … 28 more words

True Malevolence--part six--!

True Malevolence–part six–!

Written by: Joanna Xxxxxxx


If this is your first time reading this post, you’ll want to scroll back to the beginning of this story.  5,226 more words


A Wanderers View

Here I am, take a good look, a protagonist that is terrifyingly unsure of what he is truly doing. A protagonist in this story that is being written as each step is being taken.   414 more words



I have been trying to find a way to write for the last 6 years about events and stories I can share from my life. I tried using traditional typing and pencil to paper, I tried making voice recording and asking writer friends to write it for me. 272 more words



(NaPoWriMo14 Day 10)

what I seek in life I found in you
the apex of my desire
being without you my greatest dread
you flow in me like a river current… 50 more words


Week from HELL!

Last week was the worst! I had so much going on at work, I was going in early and staying late. I feel like I didn’t even get a real weekend and have just been working for 10 days straight. 371 more words