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Abandoned on Earth - Pt. 20

Queens, New York – Warehouse

The dog-faced alien gave an order, the three around him spread out and began to tear the place apart. The Bouncer from outside limped forward, bleeding but still had enough strength and stamina to grab the one closest to him in the rear. 1,880 more words


Abandoned on Earth - Pt. 19

Queens, New York – Warehouse Fight Ring

Rhel Valentine sat on a leather couch, up on the metal skywalk around the warehouse. He wore a dark suite with a green tie. 2,171 more words


Abandoned on Earth Pt. 18

Nevada – Area 51 Air Force Base

“Why aren’t you using my people?” Anna Frazier asked the moment Malcolm Locklear entered her office.

“You think I’ll just let strangers into all of my labs right away?” Malcolm responded, aghast. 1,425 more words


Really I have done it before, Wow!

Hi! I am Saira. I have written articles on many niches like travel, hair, web development and web design for many blogs. One day I remember that I have start my writing carrier from my school days. 157 more words


Food fighters episode #1

Dear reader the following is my own personal review of “Food Fighters” with Adam Richman, I am not a professional blogger/reviewer just a fan doing this for fun. 224 more words


So sad that the Destiny beta is over:(

Dear reader just as I made a new friend and was starting to really enjoy myself the Destiny beta is over:(.

I don’t have any other multi-player games that he has(I suck at shooters) So we most likely won’t play together again until the game is out, however I am not completely sure I want the game yet because of how badly I suck at shooters(For me CP= bad hand eye coordination). 49 more words