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A Song for Rats

Gilbert combs through the mountain of broken brick and twisted steel. His back aches and his small, bony fingers feel sore after tossing debris for almost two hours, but every new discovery spurs him on: 983 more words

Flash Fiction

Great Love or Comfort

We all let to believe that love really exists and it does, but it’s not as great as you let to believe.

We let to believe that love is everywhere you can experience it in your life by the one you choose to be with. 460 more words



I dislike selfish people very much. How is it so possible to be so narrow minded. You only care about yourself. You never do anything for anyone but you love it when people do things for you. 97 more words


Inspiration everywhere

Inspiration can be found pretty much everywhere and anywhere. I recently came across the above quote which made me think…a lot. I find it hard to sometimes pen down the right words, and end up giving up. 36 more words

Is our world still sane?

I do not wish to curse about the bitter evil that is carelessly roaming through this world, it is indeed absurd. It marvels me how slowly our humanity is likened to nothing, and our emotions has suddenly soured. 357 more words


"All aboard"

The majority of us have a burning desire to stick with our partner’s. We boast about our found treasure.
We tend to announce our triumphs when meeting a handsome man. 289 more words


Riding Tides

So let me just start by saying that today has been a rough day. Emotionally, mentally and it’s really been stressful one. So last year we went through a house fire where we were living, well that caused us to be homeless for 8 months because of rental history complications and people not willing to work with us. 768 more words