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I need a sign like that for my door. Seriously, the sheer volume of interruptions today was ridiculous. I know that it sometimes doesn’t look like work, but holy crap, people; you’re being disruptive, can’t you fucking tell by the fact I’m trying my very best to ignore what you’re saying? 135 more words


Holding on to You

She tries so hard to let go. She hid her tears, put away her fears and pretended that none of it existed. She could go most of the day with a positive outlook, a happy attitude. 494 more words


Swinging Memories.

Let’s take a walk down memory lane.
Let’s go back to when this all began.
I remember your sweet lil face once so radiant and full of life. 505 more words


My PeRfEcT TaBoO

Everybody has their taboo, and when I say Taboo, I mean something we do that everybody calls ‘weird’, but to us, it’s the one thing we can’t do without. 394 more words



I need to leave these blankets
And go buy a
“How to keep your feet on the ground” book
And take each page and devour… 266 more words


I can feel the sadness come up
The vibrations of tears
So familiar
Sends my nose trembling
My belly tightening

I am consumed by the goals of life… 148 more words

Reaching a Milestone

Well my dear readers I have reached a milestone. Life in a Basket now has 100 followers. There were times that I never thought enough people would be interested in my writing to get that many followers but I continued writing anyway for me. 54 more words