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Wrong Number

I’ve only ever given a guy the wrong number one time. I was actually inpatient at a psychiatric unit at the time. One of the other patients started hitting on me. 876 more words

Gender Issues

Wrong Number

From a California number
I’m sure I’ve never known:
-Ya I got the result. They weren’t good.

What my reply would have been:
-Who are you? 19 more words

Wrong Number

Ever get an uncontextualized picture message from an unknown number strange enough that you have to respond in kind?

Yeah.  Apparently I do.

Bene scribete.


Letter to Mr. Mayor

Good day, Mr. Mayor.

Someone recently contacted my personal cell phone, and I believe they were asking for you.  It was a woman, looking to pay something – it only occurred to me afterwards that I should send you this e-mail, as it might be important for you.   134 more words


Who's this?

This used to be more of a problem back in the stone age when there was no caller ID, no call blocking, and no “do not disturb” mode on phones, but every once in a while I’ll still get called up by some moron who greets me by asking “who’s this?”, often in a brusque manner as if I’m the one in the wrong for answering my phone.  135 more words


Sorry, Wrong Number

I got a weird voicemail the other day from a wrong number. It was an old man and the connection was bad so it was tough to hear. 551 more words