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‘Is I am in the righteous path?’ is the question arises from the same person who is following it


And Back.

So I think I’m coming back.
At least for now.

It’s probably because things are going so bad and there’s nothing else I can do other than writing things down. 245 more words

The Life


Betrayal is so easy

At first


Then it’s difficult

to stop thinking

of what you’ve done


you wake up



chest beating with it… 12 more words

why do girls always select wrong guys?

whenever you come across an odd pairing you might just wonder how in the fucking hell they might have paired, but what really happens with them is that the influence,people have in their minds of a fascinating young odd pairing couple they have seen somewhere in their growing up years will definitely have a strong impact on selecting their mates.so if your girlfriend/boyfriend  thinks that your not a good match for her/him,then that means that a resemblance of your character is not their in her/his life. 108 more words


How Taxpayers Subsidize the Multi-Million Dollar Salaries of Restaurant CEOs | Mother Jones

How Taxpayers Subsidize the Multi-Million Dollar Salaries of Restaurant CEOs | Mother Jones.

Thanks to a loophole in the tax code, corporations are allowed to deduct unlimited amounts of money from their tax bills for executive compensation, so long as it comes in the form of stock options or “performance pay.” The loophole was the inadvertent result of an attempt by Congress to rein in CEO compensation by limiting the tax deduction for executive pay to $1 million a year.

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Economic Justice

Logic Out Of Nothing

The culture that says, there is no wrong or right, because nothing exploded to create everything, and will imploded to nothing again, believe this, because of the logic that there is too much wrong in this world, and therefore there is no Creator, and therefore there is no wrong… I think this logic is wrong.


Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse and You: A Psychological Journey


            I love zombies. Can’t get enough of them.

            Zombie movies, zombie books, zombie stories, fake zombie stories by paranoid media sites, and above all zombie games. 1,110 more words