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What Went Wrong

ages that went past
ages that will come
the age we are in 116 more words



It’s all a bit topsy turvy in Australia right now and I’m having trouble trying to figure out my feelings.

On one hand, the Martin Place Siege happened just 2 days ago and I’m not entirely sure I’ve processed what happened. 286 more words


Talking to Walls

Have you ever been wrong? Do you have faults? Of course you do! Well, hopefully you do. If not, then you may want to stop reading here because this is about people like you. 347 more words


Relationship Ethics: Hacking and Heartbreak

Have you ever dated one of those people who wouldn’t admit what they had done even if you caught them in the act? A guy or girl whose life theme song would totally be circa 2000 Shaggy’s “It Wasn’t Me”? 674 more words