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This war here and this one there

The war umm!! lightly.

As Canadians and Americans we are the two most seeked out Countries from the rest of the world as “Land of peace”.. 448 more words

trigger happy cops

Them Boys geared up, tho.

Trigger happy and racist cops

I can’t understand why Society is accepting this. It’s probably funny for idiots right now because they are only shooting down “blacks/mixed” people but what we gonna really do when their “practice” turns into reality and we all begin getting shot? 181 more words

Heritage Health News Update: Marijuana Legalization Decision was Wrong

Health News Update:

Marijuana legalization decision was wrong for interest of American People …

Democrat Governor: Legalizing Pot Was ‘Reckless.’ A New Study Proves Him Right.

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Do you want to be right, or do you want to be happy? This is a question that one must ask themselves at one point in their life.

Don't Remember

I’m not sure you remember all this

Dusty photo album sitting on the shelf

You might bring it upon yourself

To flick through these memories… 313 more words


Good Morning Gorgeous

Prove them wrong.

Today’s Affirmation: I am a good person.


Shattered Before Whole!

Sometimes you need to be completely shattered and broken by the wrong person before you can find the right one who can help pick up the pieces and make you whole again!