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Writing even as a Career or hobby

Most writers said the hard thing is to put down the story on paper. But I see the hardness of putting down and editing are the same. 122 more words

Daily Promt

Wiping Away Sleep

Sleep tries to steal my thoughts,
My subconscious wants it’s moment of glory too,
And I strain to keep my eyes wide open,
Scour through images, 132 more words


There Are No Jobs For Writers

Today I was told in blatant terms that the education I just finished is worthless on the job market. And by the people whose opinions I (used to?) hold in high esteem. 853 more words


No matter where I lay the bed felt too big without you, so I went to the couch and reminded myself it was too soon to crave you this much.


I'm Screaming

Do you feel what I’m screaming at you?

Can you hear just what I feel?

I’m tearing at all the pieces of me

Just to hand them over to you


Day Seventy-One: Just Stop Editing

I’d let my book get stuck in my head and, other than a few measly scenes that were all wrong, I hadn’t written much of use this whole week. 261 more words