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Lonely Was the Coast

I am in half
dispelling all of the contents of my stomach
out into the ocean.
I am above it all
sick to the very core of myself. 194 more words

Creative Writing

How I became a full-time writer.

I have always been a reader, never a writer. Don’t get me wrong, I have always put pen to paper, and when I discovered the typewriter and with it, the ability to write more swiftly (I self-taught touch typing), I soon developed an ability to waste paper at an alarming rate. 546 more words


A Short One Today

As most of you know from following this blog, I’m doing revisions on The Wolfcat Chronicles. I’m about 70 pages from the end of Book 4 in the series. 346 more words

The Writer That I Am

I have decided to take up blogging, a hobby that I’ve been interested in for the longest of times, but never really had the courage to pursue. 341 more words


How Did Black Friday Go?

Very well! I’m really pleased with the amount of support I received and I got to promote quite a few fellow indie authors which was fantastic too. 192 more words

Blog Posts

Stop the Presses! I'm a Writer!

So excited to have the postman deliver this morning the Summer Edition of Earth Garden Magazine.  Turned quickly to the index, looked over it twice and finally saw what I was hoping for.   39 more words

Flora And Fauna

Does Reader Laziness Factor in a Good Book Opening?

Never underestimate human laziness. It can make you millions.

Starting a new book is always a little tedious. Understanding and painting a mental picture of the ‘world’ you’ve just stepped into, becoming familiar with your new ‘friend’, the protagonist and quickly picking up the thread of the story can take a bit of effort. 437 more words