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Good, Bad; Just Words? I Think Not.

When writing my blog, I normally try to take a piece from within the book I’m currently working on. I then fumble with that piece until it fits nicely into our 21st-century world. 703 more words

Lynn Steigleder

An Ordinary Day

It was an ordinary day when I decided to give myself over to you, trust you with all of me. It wasn’t a decision anyway – more like a revelation even to myself. 111 more words


Haiku: breath between us

Leaves move in silence
Sun hits the skin with hardly
A breath between us.


Old Cartoons

Watching old cartoons

In black and white

Trying not to think of you

The two men with hilarious muscles

And women who can’t make up their… 14 more words

My own demise

A wall of an old colonial Latin American building, possibly that of an old church, comes tumbling down. I am relieved to know the wife and kid have managed to escape unscathed. 295 more words

Snippet time

This novel snippet may have tongues a-wagging… as it were.


It would seem that I have a visitor.

Through the part my fingers make in the curtains, I noticed a black luxury car rolling up. 346 more words


A writer without a cat part 5

Cats are

you can

kneel and
let a cat

rub itself
against your shins

and knees
and purr

through their
rattling throat

and you may… 84 more words