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the stories i tell
myself– though elegantly
crafted, are not true.


Characters with Poor Decision Making Skills

One thing I am often irritated by when reading  is characters who make obviously poor decisions.   Movie characters aren’t immune, of course.

Of course, characters are allowed – and should be – human.   233 more words



She leans against the counter, and buffs her nails.

“I guess it would be bad, but I don’t care.”

We speak of Marx and my persuasion fails… 93 more words


don't listen

My creative writing professor told me to stop writing about love.
I asked him why and he said,
“Because you have turned it over and over in your hands, 385 more words


A Moment of Calm in the Chaos

The past few months have been a blur of settling into a new routine and adjusting to being busy (I almost said crazy busy, but this is nothing, seriously… 163 more words

Habit Changes

Steal like an Artist, not like a dick.

“Mock me for my profanity if you wish, I don’t care.” What I mean by this is can you steal from other stories? Of course you can, especially dead writers “Edgar Allen Poe.” No one will care if you steal from these kinds of people, and why is this? 298 more words


Of all the things I want from the West Coast
there is a thing whose absence hurts most
and it was found in whispered mountain-tops… 96 more words