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What Is It Like To Win A Big Money

Just several days ago, a young guy named Daniel Colman won a big money on the event of WSOP, one of  the world’s famous poker tournament. 219 more words

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Liam Flood: The Gentleman of Poker

I was introduced to Liam Flood at the WSOP in the eighties by Terry Rogers, the legendary bookmaker from Ireland. I thought he was the CEO of some big corporation or a movie star. 889 more words


Slow Structure live tournaments versus Turbo

Have you noticed lately the return of slow structure in live tournament? As seen in the WSOP daily deep stack tournaments and some others, trends seems to be to slow down the structure. 330 more words


The Worst Bad Beat in Poker History

Sarang Ahuja’s latest post:

Everybody who has played the game of poker remembers their worst bad beat.  Holding great cards and still getting beat in one of the most gut wrenching things in the sport.  386 more words

Sarang Ahuja

This has to be the worst bad beat ever

I’ve watched this clip a few times and it makes me cringe every time.  This would make me want to quit poker if I was playing a home game, but these dudes were playing for ONE MILLION dollars.

The Worst Bad Beat You Will See In Poker [VIDEO]

By: Evan Jankens

No limit Texas hold ‘em was the rage on ESPN a few years back. Recently it hasn’t had the appeal it once did, but ESPN still airs the World Series of Poker. 125 more words


ESPN Aired Arguably The Most Cringeworthy Bad Beat In Poker History

There are bad beats in poker and there are bad beats in a poker tourney where you buy-in for $1 million and oh God, this is so cringeworthy. 127 more words