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Top of Downtown

Looking up in downtown NYC.

Sometimes it’s all a matter of perspective what is the tallest or shortest… 12 more words

Empirical Observation of 9-11

┬áThis is what a building collapse looks like. Even though the pillars of the building have been skillfully severed by explosives – everything of weight is going DOWNWARDS. 281 more words


101 and night market

So an other day has end already, time is flying when your having fun! Next Sunday I’m already leaving this incredible place and it feels like I’ve seen nothing jet! 351 more words

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One hundred and fifty six months,
Persons, their sacrificed grunts,
Sounding alarms, kooks, funny farms,
A nation of Hollywood stunts.

Get Off The Cross: An Unpopular Opinion.

This year has proven to be a busy one for the American Atheists, a not for profit organization battling for a complete separation of church and state. 476 more words


Sky's the limit, stupidity's too

A while ago, I overheard on the radio that the highest skyscraper in the world was to be erected in Saudi Arabia. The Kingdom Tower… 734 more words