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They Forgot Gluten Free

Nothing like a bunch of hippie feminist jack boots to get you in the holiday spirit.

Ain't That The Truth

Plain Clothes Cop Kicks NYPD Officer In Head During Arrest

Gothamist: A plainclothes NYPD officer kicked a uniformed officer in the head during a rough arrest in a Coney Island subway station earlier this year. The misguided kick is so forceful you can actually hear it above the cacophony erupting from the arrest. 159 more words


Minimum Wage Law

If you are making a minimum wage of $8.00 an hour, don’t you think they would pay you less if they could? It’s like they need your help but they really don’t want to pay you. 53 more words


Partly Cloudy or Mostly Sunny?

What the hell is the difference? Is this a glass half empty, half full thing?
And then there is Mostly Cloudy and Party Sunny. WTF?!