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To meet

Okay, I can’t just give ESL textbooks a hard time. This is from one of my Korean textbooks: 만나다, the verb to meet. I just see this guy slapping the other guy in the face and I can’t unsee it.


Hangman failure

Yesterday gave some insight on some grammar that needs to be retaught after summer break.

*Background: Ella is one of my students and she’s taking a month off of cram school for her summer vacation. 28 more words



I understand the idea. The unit is about the body and countable nouns versus uncountable nouns is a running theme through this textbook series (although never explicitly dealt with). 20 more words


Just Choke Yourself, Bitch

And all of you simpletons that allow this bitch to stay in office should go jump off a cliff somewhere. This is probably one of the most unAmerican ideals I have ever heard. 27 more words


Damn, I thought It Was In Four Wheel Drive

Look at this genius who decided not to pay her bills and act like an asshole when her truck was being repossessed. Kind of cracks me up this animal can bust glass into the street and damage someone’s property and the police can’t get involved. 48 more words