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Fremantle - Keeping it classy!

Went to catch up with friends for lunch in Fremantle, and came across this shining example of class…

If you don’t get it, clearly you’re UnStrayan mate!


Stupid store

Costco is messed up for selling Christmas stuff in August. Superstore decided it wanted to be just as special and sell Halloween candy starting today.


The Federal Government Has Left America Defenseless Against Ebola

Source: The Common Sense Show, by Dave Hodges

Emory Hospital in Atlanta to Receive Ebola Patient

Atlanta’s CBS46 News is reporting that “within days” an… 579 more words


What’s Something That People Do In Traffic That Really Bothers You?

I may have answered this before, but I’ma answer it again! REFUSE TO USE TURN SIGNALS!!! Look, people, I cant read your mind. I don’t know whether you’re going to turn right or left, or change lanes on the interstate right in front of me! 150 more words


Things that slink and swing in the night

MARGAREE HARBOUR, N.S. — It was the dark side of twilight when I spotted it, a ways down the beach.

The silhouette had a hump almost like a raccoon, only its legs were longer and it didn’t waddle. 808 more words


Cooking with Midge: Pork Chops For 9? Ok, I'll try!

Well, things have been shaken up for us a bit, and I’m staying with my sister, brother in law, and their two children along with all four of my little kiddos. 534 more words


Pottermore: Quidditch World Cup, part 3


JK remembered she was doing some Quidditch shit on Pottermore, there are going to be daily updates for the next week. Calm down, I know you’re excited :P We have coverage of two more matches. 2,231 more words