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Is this the most inappropriate Halloween costume for 2014?

Halloween is still over a week away, but Redditor AL0311 has already won the title for the year’s most inappropriate costume: Ray Rice dragging the limp body of the wife he’d just beaten into unconsciousness. 8 more words


How #GamerGate looks to a non-gamer

I am not a gamer. I am so not a gamer. The last console game I played was Prince of Persia on a PS2. That’s right, a fucking Playstation 2. 706 more words

The Teeth The Whole Teeth And I Got Nothing...

Because I had a yen for bad barbecue, a friend and were dining at the epitome of NYC eatery, Dallas BBQ (metro NYC dwellers, familiar with the chain are giggling at the lack of veracity in that statement right now if that’s any hint). 609 more words


We aim to please. You aim too, please.

As I’m sure you’re well aware, there are many things I come across on a daily basis that baffle the living shit out of me.  Humans are weird, and Googlers are certainly no exception… 154 more words

Kitty Is A Very Bad Mystic

Johnny Bravo Does Exsist and Here's Proof!

The problem is if he can even put his arms down….


Warning Supremely Graphic Content Which Should Not Be Viewed By Anyone Ever.

Seriously, If you have any sense of decency this is your last warning to leave. What follows are some of my favorite juzt girly things memes. 190 more words

Being A Teen Girl