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WTF?! You might say.

When you ask or say to yourself “WTF” during sleep and a few times more after you have waken up; you really know you have some weird ass inappropriate dreams. 25 more words

Fangirls and Facepalms: A Successful Ticket-less Entry Into the Seoul Doctor Who World Tour

Note: Extreme geekery follows. You have been warned.

So it’s been a while, but before I left for Japan I’d been mentioning quite a bit  3,761 more words


My WTF Moments Using The New "My Sites" Interface

WordPress.com has unveiled a new interface to manage and access WordPress.com and Jetpack connected WordPress.org websites. In testing the interface, I encountered a few WTF moments. 506 more words


Cute Boy Part II.

So I went to that party that Cute Boy asked me to, and guess what?  He didn’t talk to me.  True story.  Guy was very excited I came and mentioned that Cute Boy would be so happy I was there, so I thought, “OK, this is good!”  I said hello to Cute Boy and he did seem happy and again I was like “OK, this is good!”  Then I went to the bar and he was six feet away from me but was on his phone and didn’t talk to me and I was like, “OK, this is a little weird.”  Then I sat for two and a half hours with a friend, who came with me, at a party where I didn’t know a soul and waited.  162 more words


What the Hell Is That All about? Part Jedna (1)

Can someone please tell me why people make these faces so often in pictures?

Seriously, I keep finding more and more people on facebook who make this face and post these pictures as their profile pics. 319 more words

A romantic walk

We admit, when we first decided to try online dating sites, we didn’t expect much. We certainly didn’t expect to find a soul mate or a supermodel. 288 more words

Terrible Openers