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Chapter 17

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The Jiang Shi of the East, part 1

The air smelled of honeysuckle and fruits. Oversized hedgerows blocked the path to the house, but Wu Ming knew he was in the right place because of the color of the sky. 951 more words

Seagrave's Journey

Chapter 16

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Nai-Mei, part 2

The cannons lining the Fortaleza do Monte’s wall were nothing more than decorative pieces now and the high-rise buildings in the peninsula were blocking the sight of Cacilhas Beach. 1,067 more words

Seagrave's Journey

Found in Translation: Q

This novel, written by the Italian authors known collectively as ‘Luther Blissett’ (now writing under the pseudonym ‘Wu Ming’) was published in 1999. Although written collectively, the novel is stylistically uniform and the writing beautifully descriptive without being florid. 719 more words


Chapter 11

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Everlasting Flame

Gliding fast.
Not looking back.
Furiously beating my wings.
Diving again.

The black dots over Brooklyn had ganged together in seven distinct packs that assumed the form of dragon hounds, winged beasts with purple sparkling eyes and fangs of blazing fire. 1,058 more words

Seagrave's Journey