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Dolce Far Niente! Beauty of doing nothing...

Hiçbir şey yapmamanın güzelliği. 

Bir şeyi, herhangi bir şeyi iyi yapan insanları gözlemliyorum bu aralar. Söyledikleri sözcükler dikkatimi çekiyor. “İyi yaptıkları” şeyi nasıl yaptıklarını sorduğumda şaşkınlık içerisinde şu cevabı veriyorlar: … 341 more words

Ayşe'nin Gözlem Evinden Gözlemleri

Autumn Health and Harmony

I’d like to share with you some tips on how to keep healthy and harmonious during the Autumn season…

You can listen to my teaching on Autumn health here: 2,060 more words

Authentic Tao Living

Letting go

Remember when I kept drawing the same card over and over until I realized it wasn’t about the card but the book and I found Tao? 103 more words


Wu Wei

Wu Wei (non-action) as defined by Chuang Tzu (compiled by Thomas Merton): Wu Wei is not intent upon results and is not concerned with consciously laid plans or deliberately organised endeavours: 500 more words


Ву Веи: Дејството на недејствување

Еден од клучните концепти на Таоизмот е концептот Ву Веи (Wu Wei), често преведуван како „неправење“ или „недејствување“. Всушност, колку и парадоксално да звучи, се работи за „дејство на недејство“ или како што стои и во самиот наслов, „Дејство на недејствување“. 27 more words

Свест и личен развој

Mark Twain 50- We are all Mad...

“When we remember we are all mad, the mysteries disappear and life stands explained” – Mark Twain

So it was, standing in the perfect dark just before 6 am with over 100 others, the cool of a 45 degree morning causing every manner of clothing combination to be applied, that I found myself wondering, not for the first time, why I run long distances. 1,337 more words

About My Training

A Clear Pool of Water

The pool of water was supposed to be calm and clear. I was sure of that. How else was I supposed to see through to the bottom? 224 more words