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Baseball, the 2014 World Series, & Being the Uncarved Block Part One

“For it is in giving that we receive.”
― Francis of Assisi

On October 20th, without planning to do so, I spent $725.00 for two tickets (and a parking pass!) to Game One of the 2014 World Series.  1,272 more words

Uncarved Block

A Love Lesson From A Monk

“Love in such a way that the person you love feels free.”

I read this beautifully simple and profound quote by the Buddhist monk Thich Nhat Hanh… 577 more words


Wu-Wei vs. Personhood

For leisure I’m currently reading on ancient Chinese religion and philosophy that developed during the Warring States period (roughly the just a few centuries leading up to the birth of Christ). 1,032 more words


Creative Dance Workshop

The Swan represents Spiritual Liberation. One aspect of Liberation is allowing all things to be. Not interfering in the state of the world, for instance, is one way Spirit can grow within. 95 more words

Dance Consciousness

Dolce Far Niente! Beauty of doing nothing...

Hiçbir şey yapmamanın güzelliği. 

Bir şeyi, herhangi bir şeyi iyi yapan insanları gözlemliyorum bu aralar. Söyledikleri sözcükler dikkatimi çekiyor. “İyi yaptıkları” şeyi nasıl yaptıklarını sorduğumda şaşkınlık içerisinde şu cevabı veriyorlar: … 341 more words

Ayşe'nin Gözlem Evinden Gözlemleri

Autumn Health and Harmony

I’d like to share with you some tips on how to keep healthy and harmonious during the Autumn season…

You can listen to my teaching on Autumn health here: 2,060 more words

Authentic Tao Living

Letting go

Remember when I kept drawing the same card over and over until I realized it wasn’t about the card but the book and I found Tao? 103 more words