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A Clear Pool of Water

The pool of water was supposed to be calm and clear. I was sure of that. How else was I supposed to see through to the bottom? 224 more words


wu wei

“The Way is ever without action, yet nothing is left undone.  If princes and kings can abide by this, all things will form themselves.  If they form themselves and desires arise, I subdue them with nameless simplicity.   22 more words


Humboldt Halloween w/ Talib Kweli, Lyrics Born, Kelley Mak & Nico Luminous

KMUD Radio presents

Humboldt Halloween w/ Talib Kweli, Lyrics Born, Kelley Mak & Nico Luminous

Friday, Oct 31st, 2014 

2 Rooms/ Talib Kweli, Lyrics Born, Kelley Mak, Nico Luminous, Pressure Anya, Wu Wei & and Samba Da Alegria. 21 more words

Hip Hop Shows

Refinement and tragedy: Myung-Wung Chung and the Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra


Myung-Wung Chung is not the most flamboyant of conductors. But under his baton the Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra were nothing less than electrifying. With two momentous staples of the concert repertoire and Unsuk Chin’s Šu, the SPO proved they are an orchestra to be taken seriously on the international stage. 7 more words

Classical Reviews

Wu Wei :: Who Am I When I’m in the Tai Chi State?

The 8th Century Persian poet Rumi seems to have the answer:

I am dust particles in sunlight.

I am the round sun.


To the bits of dust I say, … 133 more words

Tai Chi

Sometimes There is Nothing

I feel like I need to be looking for something or fixing something. A something that I’m not going to find; a something that I cannot fix.  27 more words


Yield to Overcome: The Power of Nonresistance > Eckhart Tolle

a message from Eckhart Tolle

Tuesday, 15 October, 2013  (posted 22 August, 2014)

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“Nonresistance doesn’t necessarily mean doing nothing. 40 more words