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updates 1/4

ok big post here. First off, for those of you that don’t actually know me but want to see the photose that I post on facebook, I have made that album open to the public to have at it. 892 more words

F*cking tablets, and a pretty hill(*read* massive 2,000 mile mountain chain)

Hello all,

So I hade this amazing little story as a preamble to  the coming pictures. IT had everything you could really expect from a wonderous tale of intrgue ad travel, poor hygiene, dirty dishes, cheap food and all around good times. 270 more words

Spring term 2014

Hi everyone, here is the flyer for the new term. Last term was very good and we saw the introduction of new students. I would like to say on behalf of the whole class, welcome and we hope you enjoy yourselves as much as the rest of us. 23 more words

By Darren Carrigan

Want to be healthy but hate the gym? Looking for enlightenment? Want to mess around with a sword? Maybe Tai Chi is the martial art for you. 343 more words


Full Moon Ceremony for Benefactors 3.15.14

Li Shi Fu recites prayer petition before the altar.

Splitting Firewood

Students and Shi Fu cutting fire wood at Five Immortals Temple.