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Is the ranger less squishy than the thief

I main a guardian. I have a level 62 thief and 80 Mesmer. The Mesmer has lost its appeal and the thief is just too squishy. 707 more words

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Guild Wars 2: Kodash TS, O tempora, O mores!

Und wieder einmal widme ich mich eifrig sinnierend dem Phänomen MMO, darin
Guild Wars 2, besonders meinem Heimatserver Kodash, und im speziellen
natürlich dem Kodash Teamspeak, dessen vereinzelte Bewohner leider nicht nur… 878 more words

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Guild Wars 2: How to play your class in WvW

I leveled two characters with WvW only. It’s a good way to avoid the complete boredom of PvE leveling and the very high cost of craft leveling, and you can also learn quite a bit about how to play your class in WvW while doing it. 231 more words

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Guild Wars 2: Kodash's Frauen!

Unter Gefahr für Leib und Leben bringt euch, liebe Leser, Malcovar, der
extreme Survival Mesmer Kodashs, diesen Bericht über die Frauen Kodaschs,
die Spielerinnen, welche, gleich eines heiligen Grals, von Legionen… 781 more words

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How will WvW Develop in Guild Wars 2?

What attracts me most in WvW was that I could become stronger by gaining ranks, but now this feature wasn’t in the game at launch. As we all know, many updates and changes have been made on WvW in order to better the gaming experience. 725 more words

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WvW Rewards: Thoughts On Distribution Methods

Hey guys. Maybe some of you have been waiting patiently, like me, twiddling your thumbs in hopes of claiming some WvW rewards after the Spring 2014 tournament. 387 more words

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How pathetic and desperate gamers can be?

So most of the Guild Wars 2 players are familiar with Edge of the Mists. It’s a nice “new” map for WvW, where you can play while you are waiting for your queue pop or just don’t feel like playing the “real” WvW. 315 more words

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