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First Foray Into WvW

Having spent much of the last couple of weeks talking about PvP, be it on the blog, my podcast, or comments on other blogs, and also spending much of my gaming time participating in PvP (albeit in other genres), I started to feel the craving to play some MMO PvP. 962 more words


Rant: Living Story Hiatus

I subscribe to multiple podcasts and YouTube channels that discuss Guild Wars 2 and I’m kind of annoyed at how they’re portraying the Living Story’s hiatus. 61 more words

Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2 WvWvW: Guardian Builds and Guide

Guardians have seen a lot of play in WvW for quite a while now, especially among commanders. While builds have changed over the past few years, the fact that they remain vital to group play both as anchors, healers, and all-around team support hasn’t changed. 5,353 more words


A Good Idea For Wvw&possible Economy Fix In Guild Wars 2

I’ve been on blackgate since the special early access preorder event and since launch ive been trying to convince my friends to get guild wars 2, and one of, if not the last people who needed it finally got around to grabbing it but now he cant join in because of tournament season i guess? 293 more words

Guild Wars 2 Guide