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WvW Balanced Guardian Build

This is a WvW based balanced guardian build that I use in the zerg and in havoc. I was going for a pretty balanced stat allocation. 1,620 more words

Guild Wars 2


So i’m considering starting some streaming on Twitch. I am wondering if it’s actually viable and going to add anything to my game experiences. I can stream on the PS4 with MLB the Show and i’ve set up OBS for Guild Wars 2, i might add CS:GO aswell but effort is lacking. 69 more words


Current State of affairs in WvW

So as my first post i figured i would address the current state of WvW in at least the Henge of Denravi server.

Ever since the finish of the 2nd Season of WvW we’ve had most of our Guilds leave the server for greener pastures, Some went to Tier 2 to do open field zerg busting, others went to T1 servers where they could just zerg and farm bags. 483 more words


Guild Wars 2 September 2014 Features Pack Coming!

ArenaNet is going to come out with another features pack in September! Living Story will be put on hold in order to deliver this. This features pack will start off with PvP and WvW. 579 more words

Guild Wars 2

Feature Pack 2: The Re-Featuring

Back in March Arenanet released a feature pack and they led up to that release with a series of blog posts. I commented on and tried to predict what those blog posts would be about based on the previewed titles. 768 more words