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Living on the Edge

Fighting a mesmer on a tiny outcropping in Edge of the Mists.


GW2: On Thieves and the Edge of the Mists

I don’t know if anyone’s noticed yet, but I have a tendency to go quiet when I’m avidly playing WvW.

One simply runs out of new topics to talk about, or runs into the fear of revealing too much about one’s own server’s habits and patterns – that can be then capitalized on by another server. 2,928 more words

Guild Wars 2

The Coward's Guide to Getting Your WvW Meta

I don’t play a lot of World vs World but I probably play more than most PvE players. The first time the WvW season came around I was pretty interested in getting the meta achievements done for it. 1,283 more words


Healing Power Thief?! | Guild Wars 2 : WvW Roaming Thief build

So I’ve been browsing on my GW2(guild wars 2) screenshots folder and I just found my WvW Thief build.
Note : I just got back on the game last week, I’m a bit rusty but I’m sure this build would be decent. 367 more words

April Feature Pack: Social, account-bound and free

Continuing their coverage of the April 2014 Feature Pack, ArenaNet have released three smaller posts in two days: one on ‘social play‘, one indicating… 778 more words

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