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A picture is worth a thousand words...

I am writing this blog for a couple of reasons… First of all to remind myself how far I have come…. And as a reminder of how I can’t go back. 341 more words

Day 3-4ish? I've lost track

Hi there! Okay, so as some of you have already read, I’ve started weight watchers again and am currently on day 3 or 4. It’s just after midnight right now so..whatever. 328 more words

Prong [Noun]

They sat in a line along the far edge of the cafeteria table, like the four prongs of a fork bent in slightly odd directions. Peter on the far right, leaning in toward the group on the elbow of his left arm. 446 more words


WW: How we eat

He doesn’t pick his head up as much when I am not standing right there.

I checked back later and there was not a crumb to be found. 8 more words


After Caesar W&W

The post After Caesar is about a guy struggling with the absence of his friend who had committed suicide and he goes to visit her room one night when he can’t sleep. 674 more words

Authenticity Of Fabrications

Baking Day!!!!😍

Good morning/afternoon/whatever! Alright, so I’ve had this bag of rolled oats in my cabinet for like a year or so and completely for forgot about them until recently. 139 more words