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The Bangin Beats' Top 10 Tracks: Sunburn Mumbai & Noida

1. Krewella – ‘Enjoy The Ride’

Played by Krewella

One of the leading tracks of Krewella from ‘Get Wet’ is ‘Enjoy The Ride’. The whole crowd was echoing to the vocals of the track and this was definitely one of the highlighting moments of Krewella’s set. 531 more words


What is wrong with me?

Today I’m asking myself what the hell is wrong with me? Some of you may not see the issue I’m about to type about as an issue and maybe you would even wish you had this problem, but since I’m going through it, I can tell you, it’s not so great to struggle with… 283 more words

Weight Loss

Today I am feeling.... List-y (yep, I know it's not a word)

There are a few things I have learned over this journey of losing weight and I am going to tell you a few now:

1. There is no short cut. 405 more words

Snuffle [Noun]

The sound of breathing heavily through the nose

She entered the apartment, and the smells of weed and leftover Chinese food assaulted her nostrils with the unintentional force of rain. 452 more words


Wednesday Wondering: What was in the bag?

I was on my way to school, my backpack on my lap, with my KAF brother in the driver’s seat. Then I caught a fruity scent coming from my bag.  165 more words

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