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A distressing night

I had a pretty distressing night last night. I’m not sure if it was because I was over-tired, I didn’t get to sleep until gone 2am after a 6am start the previous day, or whether it was the amount of coffee I had, but the sleep I did get wasn’t the best. 142 more words


The Betrayal- Helen Dunmore :24/52

Got Readers Block this April. I was somehow not able to sit down with a book. And then I got a Kindle Paperwhite. Yes, inspite of… 308 more words

52 Books In 2014

Walking with the Enemy [2014 Film]

Well, the third trailer for this film came out earlier today, and I’m looking forward to it. It’s a bit reminiscent of Schindler’s List - however, that film being a far more emotionally motivated film now, there’s a chance this film could be something quite unique. 164 more words


Late night despair for humanity/a sort of review

If you were to be stood in my room right now (I don’t know why you ever would be unless you’re a creep secretly watching me, but whatever, no judgements) you would see me hunched up in my bed, furiously eating grapes and attempting to type as quickly as is humanely possible. 651 more words

The Grand Budapest Hotel

Directed by Wes Anderson

Written by Wes Anderson

Inspired by Stefan Zweig

Starring every major actor who has ever appeared in a Wes Anderson film… 470 more words

Film Reviews


Between the 16th of April and the 2nd of May 1945 Berlin became the stage for the final act in the horrid spectacle of WW2. 137 more words