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Jim Ross Speaks On His WWE Departure

Below is from a new blog by Jim Ross where he speaks about his WWE departure and the Summerslam 2013 incident that lead to him leaving the company. 340 more words

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A class action lawsuit has been filed against WWE over a recent television deal. Below is the press release from the company that is suing WWE: 603 more words

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Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella's House Burglarized, Bryan Takes Down Burglar With Submission

TMZ reports that Bryan subdued a burglar who had broken into his and Brie Bella’s home after arriving on Thursday night to his Phoenix, Arizona home. 513 more words

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Batista Shares His Opinion On CM Punk Roman Reigns And More

In a recent interview with Digital Spy to promote Guardians of the Galaxy, Batista shared his opinion on CM Punk’s departure from WWE among other things. 179 more words

If Sting isn't gonna wrestle Undertaker @ WM-31, this is who he'll probably wrestle instead...

If the Undertaker isn’t able to wrestle at the next Wrestlemania and if he’ll be done, this is who I think Sting would wrestle against instead. 228 more words

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The icon Sting is at San Diego Comic Con and here is the proof!!!

I guess this is a definite confirmation that the Icon Sting have finally signed a WWE contract after all these years of him avoiding the company. 310 more words

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WWE teasing a future transformation with company but what is it gonna be???

WWE just posted this cryptic teaser today. It’s mysterious and it will keep you guessing but there is a few clues, though. This means that the WWE is planning to transform the entire company. 337 more words

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