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The Reluctant Soldier | Rosaire Theriault (Gen. 10)

Note: While completing a Bachelor of Arts degree at McGill University in the 1940s, my father E.A. Theriault (Gen.11) interviewed his parents Rosaire Theriault (Gen.10) and his mother… 163 more words

Soviet Counterfactuals

Counterfactual history (asking, and attempting to answer, “what if?” questions about the past) does not enjoy academic respectability, despite the efforts of imperial apologist Niall Ferguson… 263 more words


The Battle of Dogger Bank 24 January 1915

On 23 January 1915 the British Grand Fleet under Admiral Sir John Jellicoe had 18 dreadnoughts ready at Scapa Flow and eight King Edward VII… 2,695 more words

War History

January 24 in San Antonio history...

World War I – 1915
It is reported that British forces have sent the German cruiser Bluecher to the bottom of the sea.  The Germans also report sinking a British battle cruiser but the British admiralty denies this. 50 more words


Katherine and Humphrey - Stunning

I just watched The African Queen on Encore. I had forgotten how very much I enjoyed it. Katherine Hepburn and Humphrey Bogart blow modern actors out of the water. 225 more words


Family at War

My book Seeking John Campbell contains the following dedication.

It is the result of the discovery that one of the John Campbells I investigated was born in Germany with the surname Philippi. 85 more words

January 23 in San Antonio history...

World War I – 1915
The battle at St. Hubert, France has raged for 48 hours as Allied forces try to break the German line in order to destroy the railroad and open the way to Metz. 62 more words