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We Leave Our Mark - for better or for worse


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4/10/14 **UPDATE** – I had an afterthought regarding this post. I am reminded of the petroglyphs I have seen myself several times out at the Ozette Loop Trail in Olympic National Park – on the Pacific coast. 338 more words


Another Snippet

I’m back again with another small piece. Be sure to catch all the other snippets posted by the many talented authors via Snippet Sunday… 174 more words

Pre Dinner Walk

I’m making an effort to get some walking in while I’m here.  It’s still snowy, but not too cold yet.  I can go out with two jackets and no coat.   82 more words


Bone Yard

Today I experienced what some people call the Bone Yard.  If you know me or my work, you know that I’m obsessed with bones and all sorts of dark things.   363 more words


Saratoga and Brush Creek

We made it to Saratoga!  That’s where my residency is.  Well, it’s a few miles from there.  But it’s the nearest town and let me just say that it’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen.   103 more words


Roaming Around Wyoming

So this month I began my month long artist residency in Wyoming at the Brush Creek Foundation for the Arts.  I started out by flying into Denver and taking some time to drive around and visit Laramie.   73 more words