CKEditor - The link plugin is painfully "clever"

Been building “a thing” lately, that is in the need of a WYSIWYG editor. After looking around a bit, CKEditor was what I went with. It has been both one and two curses while trying to get it “working” as needed, but… 548 more words


Child of the World - What you see is what you get! Part 2 of 3

WYSIWYG – What you see is what you get – used in the retail industry, advises buyers beware because what you see is what you are purchasing. 478 more words


TinyMCE for osCommerce 2.3.XX

In the osCommerce forums I see a lot of people that want some type of WYSIWYG editor for product descriptions, emails, and what not. Through the years there have been a few instructions for integrating various different editors into osCommerce. 318 more words


Global Village

I think the FaceBook phenomenon is fascinating. As many have pointed out, there was Friendster and MySpace that came and went, and probably some other stuff, too, that never really took off or wound up serving a particular industry or demographic. 595 more words


Attention-Seeking Ninny?

I swear I’m not vain or an attention-seeking ninny posting selfies all over the internet … but I am; however, posting these pics here to prove a point. 291 more words


Contenteditable: Making a WYSIWYG Style Editor

Contenteditable is a html5 addition that allows the contents of an element to be edited in real-time. That, plus converting the style into a body block, rather than a head element… 548 more words

LightCMS Announces WYSIWYG Editor Enhancements

LightCMS has announced a major update to its WYSIWYG editor, due for release on July 29th 2014. This update – labelled as release 2014.8 – is the latest in a flurry of recent LightCMS improvements. 33 more words