Having a life while running a kickstarter?

I find myself unable to focus on anything but my project running on kickstarter. I have so many other responsibilities in my life at the moment, I am working on two critical projects at work, while trying to not let my sales activity backslide. 501 more words

The Game Crafter

Simple WYSIWYG Rich Content Editor with no dependencies (WYSIWYG.JS)

Simple WYSIWYG Rich Content Editor with no dependencies (WYSIWYG.JS)

WYSIWYG.js is a (minified) 12k contenteditable-editor with no dependencies.

It does only:
* Transforms any HTML-element into contenteditable… 252 more words

Utilities & Plug-ins

Importance of Designers Learning to Code

When it comes to designing, there are many reasons why learning code is very valuable. First of all, it makes you a better designer. Keeping up-to-date with all the latest technologies and everything that is a part of it will help you when it comes time for job interviews and working as a team. 191 more words


#FLFRAGSWAP Feburary 7, 2015!

The show is coming on quick! Here’s a quick peak of what’s coming along.



4D - That WYSIWYG Dimension - and Accentuate the Positive, by Alice

Dear Ones,

You’ve heard of WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) … that computer lingo, right? So, as an amazing young acquaintance of mine says, 4D, the dreamtime realm, is WYSIWYG too (what you ‘see’ … ie, visualize) is what you get… 78 more words