Journal Entry: News and Updates

With all the reviewing I’ve been doing recently I realized I haven’t been telling you about any of the new games I’m working on. If you remember I submitted WYSIWYG: Among Thieves to a design contest for 5th Street Games. 253 more words


DevLearn 2014: The dead of the corporate LMS and WYSIWYG authoring?

DevLearn 2014 is approaching. Just three weeks and it will start. I have the honor of doing two sessions at DevLearn. One concurrent session about “Trends Leading to the End of the LMS” and one morning buzz session called ¬†“The Death of WYSIWYG Authoring?” 424 more words


CoralCon is coming!

Join us in Orlando for CoralCon! We will be attending with tanks fully stocked! Not to mention, dressed up for the occasion.

Here’s a preview of what we have currently growing out:

Fresh Picks


Conversation is a lot like computer programming where you don’t know the language. You know there is a dominant logic defining all values, but you’re stuck in a bind because not everything you say is correlated to the actions that play out by the other person. 242 more words

Sincerely selfie...

I was hastily looking through my post-high school photo¬†albums searching for a picture of me when I first wore glasses. Apparently, I wasn’t that proud of my bespectacled look, for I never found one. 866 more words

Slogging and blogging

Gawd this is a slog! I’m at the 63% point in my manuscript, according to my text editor. This is going slowly, but I feel good about it. 455 more words


Vote for Wysiwyg!

Friends, Fans, and Family!

I want to reiterate how excited I am to be able to make board games. It fulfills my creative side, as well as my intellectual side. 250 more words

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