Contenteditable: Making a WYSIWYG Style Editor

Contenteditable is a html5 addition that allows the contents of an element to be edited in real-time. That, plus converting the style into a body block, rather than a head element… 548 more words

LightCMS Announces WYSIWYG Editor Enhancements

LightCMS has announced a major update to its WYSIWYG editor, due for release on July 29th 2014. This update – labelled as release 2014.8 – is the latest in a flurry of recent LightCMS improvements. 33 more words

NSC gives the goddists's undies another tweak

I hear the recently released movie Noah pleased almost no one.

Doncha just love the goddists – for whom the biblical Great Flood horror story is real – getting their undies in a twist because Hollywood got the ‘facts’ wrong. 60 more words


Non-StampCollector exposes God's whoopsies

NonStampCollector makes brilliant YouTube videos.

And since one of my recent posts dealt – in part – with errors in the Bible I thought I’d introduce goddists, atheists and agnostics to an apposite video made by NSC …


Wysiwyg Entry #1

Dear Diary,

One thing I never thought I’d say is: “I wish I didn’t ask for help”. I’m designing a game for a contest due August 31st. 205 more words


And now, a few words from a science teacher

These are NOT my words
They are the words of an Australian science teacher

No matter which origin of life you suggest , you could never recreate absence of all life and then test the genesis of life from nothing, let alone then observe it as it develops across all species. 785 more words