That Task Should Not Be That Hard

I had a 1966 Ford Mustang fastback in college. The car was in need of quite a bit of work, but I loved that car. And I could do minor maintenance if needed. 922 more words

Professional Development

Images for WordPress

Love locks on the bridge in Paris?

Using Images within your WordPress blog really help your pages pop. “An image is worth a thousand words”, and an image can do more than just look good among your main content. 1,038 more words


Free Online WYSIWYG HTML editors

Hello fellow following readers!

I apologies for the delay (3 weeks). I had some finish posts, but after reviewing them, I decided to flush ‘em instead of sticking to the schedule to post crap. 269 more words


Day 2 of 30 Days of Blogging (Web Early; Often: in Multiple Formats)

I decided to start this new blog in WordPress to “learn by doing”. I regret now that I didn’t learn this platform sooner, it could have been quite useful…though years ago it was probably not as robust…*now* it is very mature, relatively-speaking, and seems to be a simple, gaily straight-forward wysiwyg platform, at least when using the free free themes, and free hosting. 279 more words