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A New Breed of X-Man: Hellion

This installment brings us Julian Keller as our New-Breed subject, and while nothing really has changed with him for a while, moments and points of interest in Hellion’s past have not really been addressed.  658 more words


Guardians of the Galaxy #13

The Trial of Jean Grey: part 6 of 6

Jean Grey comes to the conclusion that she will not be able to stop the Phoenix ..but neither will anyone else. 394 more words

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XvX Round 9: X-23 v X-Man!

In association with the X-Men Comics group on Facebook, we are proud to present… XvX Round Nine, with two genetic experiments going to war… X-23, the female ‘clone’ of Wolverine, and Nate Grey, the dimension-travelling ‘clone’ of Jean Grey and Cyclops!

A New Breed of X-Men: X-23

At a time when Marvel are embracing so many different media, it’s fitting to look at a character who owes her history to those same kind of efforts.  1,964 more words


Cinnamon Cosplay - X-23

Cosplayer: Cinnamon Cosplay
Character: X-23
From: Marvel Comics
Photos: All by Marcello Fiero


Guardians of the Galaxy 12 review

As much as this features the Guardians of the Galaxy, this is more of an X-Men comic. Character-wise, the focus is mostly on Cyclops and Jean Grey. 501 more words

Comic Review