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Paying my final respects to Wolverine

It’s been about a month since Wolverine died and I realized that I never paid my final respects. After reading Logan’s Legacy and Life after Logan… 43 more words


Magpie Cosplay - X-23

Cosplayer: Magpie Cosplay
Character: X-23
From: Marvel Comics
Photos: All by AM Photography


Death of Wolverine: Logan’s Legacy #2 (Marvel Comics, 2014)

Story : Tim Seeley

Art : Ariela Kristantina

(Reviewed by Sir James)

This is a beautifully written story.

So if you guys haven’t been living under a rock for the last few months, you would know that a lot of things in the X-verse have been moving towards the… 238 more words


A Marvel Weekly Series: Wolverines #1

His death was only the start! Wolverine may be dead, but his legacy lives on. Spinning directly out of Death of Wolverine, The Weapon X Program… 339 more words


OttyAngel Cosplay

Meet the very lovely Ottavia [OttyAngel/DeathWrathAngel) from Naples, Italy. She’s a “cosplay addict and LoL gamer.” Let me share a few of my favorite… 46 more words

She's So Adorable!

Week of Marvel 25/10/2014

With the release of the first Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer, there’s just one question.  How would Ultron play the part of Mary Poppins?  Read on and learn! 931 more words


Black Widow 11 review

Ever since they announced this issue, I’ve been very excited for it. X-23’s solo series hinted at the idea of Black Widow having more of a presence in her life. 389 more words

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