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China Surpasses US in Drone Technologies

Qianzhan.com says in its report on July 19, that due to quick progress in technology, there have been widespread applications of UAV (unmanned air vehicle) known also as drones, especially military application in the world that may lead to a new mode of battle. 637 more words

Navy issues confusing requirements for UCLASS

The Navy seems to have shifted its concept for the Unmanned Carrier Launched Surveillance and Strike (UCLASS) drone for a third time in as many years in what has become one of the most confusing and misunderstood aviation acquisition programs in the last decade. 162 more words

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US Navy funds continued X-47B development

The U.S. Navy has awarded Northrop Grumman an additional $63 million to carry out “post-demonstration” development of its X-47B carrier-based unmanned air vehicle. The deal – dubbed Phase II – will see continued development of the test vehicle created under the Navy’s unmanned combat air system (UCAS) program. 52 more words

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Navy plan for carrier-based drones takes more heat from lawmakers

A U.S. Navy plan for aircraft carrier-based drones has launched a fight in Congress over the role of the robotic planes in combat. The Navy has asked contractors for reconnaissance drones – unmanned surveillance vehicles with only a limited ability to carry out the bombing of enemy targets. 201 more words

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U.S. military planning to build robots with morals

The Office of Naval Research will award $7.5 million in grant money over five years to university researchers from Tufts, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Brown, Yale and Georgetown to explore how to build a sense of right and wrong and moral consequence into autonomous robotic systems. 1,252 more words


X-47B UAV To Conduct Test Flights With F-18s

Navy Times has this article on the U.S. Navy’s X-47B which heads to the fleet later this summer for the next step of testing: landing and taking off alongside manned aircraft. 151 more words

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