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I Want to Believe

Words are funny. Language is a cool thing. Sometimes you can say something, mean something entirely different, and have the receiver understand something entirely different still. 1,525 more words


Scurte #309

- un interviu (mai vechi) cu scriitorul Sebastian A. Corn/chirurgul Florin Chirculescu. “Dacă nu scriu, mi-e rău fizic. Nu-mi găsesc locul. Şi mai e ceva. 109 more words


ROW80 Study Break

These midweek ROW80 updates always sneak up on me.

I have not written a daily short story for a week now. That annoys me a bit, as the writing is meant to be a break for me from all the studying. 428 more words


"Ghost in the Machine" - X-Files s1e7

Advanced computer
Goes off Red Queen-style
Mulder’s buddy dies

TV channel The Zone is broadcasting The X-Files every weeknight. I’m recapping each episode in haiku format, for the sake of brevity!


Ep 35 TPCC: Sick Little Monkey

Hey Gang

In case you wanted to go back and see where I got my info for Ep 35 well here is the show notes. 34 more words


THE X-FILES - 1x02 - 'Deep Throat'


There’s a moment in ‘Deep Throat’, the tricky second episode, that for me completely encapsulates the spirit of The X-Files and what the show is about. 768 more words

"Shadows" - X-Files s1e6

Two muggers murdered
Bodies stay warm and twitching
Throats crushed from inside

Defence contractor
Selling tech to terrorists
Dead boss haunting

Nice secretary

Poltergeist *and*  29 more words