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Bugs getting under your skin?

I used to watch the X-Files when I was a little kid but I can only actually recall two scenes from the show. One is from an episode where they find an area that causes everything inside it to age more rapidly and the other, more disturbing scene, showed cockroaches crawling under a person’s skin. 162 more words

7 Terrifying American Monster Myths

A reprint of a great article by Linda S Godfrey

There’s no shame in being afraid of monsters.

Who wouldn’t quail at the thought of a sudden tete-a-tete with Bigfoot or a brush from the wing of a giant, flying reptile? 905 more words

Justifiable Paranoia

Pointless Project Time!

It’s Sunday night, and I’m watching old episodes of The X-Files and trying not to snack.  This scenario is nothing new — I’ve found myself in these exact circumstances a shameful amount of times since high school — but I’ve recently developed an excellent method for dealing with said snacking problem. 516 more words

PHOTOS: Vancouver's inaugural Halloween parade

VANCOUVER — The ghosts, ghouls and perhaps even the Quebec Carnival mascot were storming the streets of Vancouver today, in the city’s first Halloween parade and expo. 167 more words


My Daughter,X Files and STEM

As I type this, my youngest Step Daughter is about to be taking the “Boards” to be a Nurse Practitioner, from what I understand the next step down fro being a Doctor. 202 more words

5 years, the time she does fly.

Five years ago, I conned Carey into making a questionable life choice and marrying me, and it’s worked out pretty awesomely so far.

this was our Save the date: 59 more words

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