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X-Files: I Want To Believe – Halloween Horror Month Movie Spectacular 2014 Day 24

I watched every single episode of the X-Files as they aired, but I haven’t seen this movie until now. I knew people had found it underwhelming when it came out, but that was it. 47 more words


Dear Diary ... of Netflix-ing.

I feel like such a little bitch for this, but I started watching Supernatural the other night and it legitimately creeped me the fuck out. 248 more words

Nerding Out.

Actor's Spotlight: Gillian Anderson

Actor’s Spotlight: Gillian Anderson

Hello everyone! WHITE FLASH here with today’s installment of Actor’s Spotlight and today I will be spotlighting the one and only Dana Scully played by the wonderful actress Gillian Anderson. 618 more words


The Fall: Series 1 Review

Hello readers, Reviewer of Steel here with another new Netflix original series, and today it is the British crime drama, The Fall, series 1.

I was attracted to this series for two reasons. 663 more words

Final Destination (2000) Review

Final Destination (2000) Review
*Warning Possible Disturbing Images For Some*

Hello everyone! WHITE FLASH here with another review and today I’ll be reviewing the horror thriller film Final Destination that spun out more sequels than they thought it would. 717 more words

Bugs getting under your skin?

I used to watch the X-Files when I was a little kid but I can only actually recall two scenes from the show. One is from an episode where they find an area that causes everything inside it to age more rapidly and the other, more disturbing scene, showed cockroaches crawling under a person’s skin. 162 more words

7 Terrifying American Monster Myths

A reprint of a great article by Linda S Godfrey

There’s no shame in being afraid of monsters.

Who wouldn’t quail at the thought of a sudden tete-a-tete with Bigfoot or a brush from the wing of a giant, flying reptile? 905 more words

Justifiable Paranoia