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SpaceIL wants to land the first Israeli spacecraft on the moon and it might just pull it off

When Daniel Saat graduated from NYU last May he had no idea where he’d land. Armed with a dual Master’s in Business and Public Administration, all he knew was that he wanted to do something big and ambitious. 1,037 more words


How open innovation will transform the Great British pound

Farewell to the pound coin’s familiar golden nugget design. Here comes the dough-decagon in its stead. The new 12-sided quid, modelled after the old threepenny bit, got plenty of attention this week. 471 more words

Human Nature

$Gold Digga$

You Need Money

The idea for building medical devices for developing         countries is great, but

if you don’t have the capital, it’s hard to build                  something out of nothing. 493 more words