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Podcast on Aviation Security and Expedited Passenger Screening

In 2011, the Transportation Security Administration introduced its Precheck program, which offers expedited screening to selected air travelers. TSA’s use of expedited screening has rapidly increased in recent years, highlighting the need to ensure the effectiveness of the agency’s security assessments. 37 more words


#24 The Electromagnetic Spectrum

Light is one thing astronomers can’t get enough of. Most people are aware of it in the same way they’re aware of any of their surroundings. 1,462 more words

Astronomical Chronicles

Day 69 - Feeling Great!

So it’s been 2 months and 8 days to be exact since my double jaw surgery. I keep having flashbacks to the day I was in the hospital, anxiously awaiting this journey to begin. 473 more words

Double Jaw Surgery

The Fucking Dark Side

Astronomers think they’ve found some proof of fucking dark matter.  They were looking over some data by the European Space Agency’s XMM-Newton spacecraft and some some fucking X-ray emission spikes that they think came from the dark stuff. – Source

Fucking Science News

Our Fragile Strength

Today we had a little scare that Lea’s little finger was fractured. It was a close one, but luckily she escaped the worst. We spent some time after that looking at the X-Rays together and we were fascinated by the look of the human bone structure. 94 more words


Look du Jour - Jobs Happiness

Jobs Happiness por sabrinizza usando cotton tees

Hello Everybody

Esses dias uma pessoa me disse que não curtia muito essas garotas que são blogueiras…eu fiquei pensando no que me disseram, e resolvi contar que não é muito fácil mesmo não…eu amo seguir os blogs das minhas blogueiras favoritas, como o da Chiara o da Kristina e a brasileira Thassia e Flavia, mas realmente acredito que para a grande maioria não funciona assim, por exemplo pra mim, eu não tenho nenhum parceiro e os meus looks são totalmente do meu gosto e do que gosto, coloco de onde são porque quando eu adquiri a peça foi super legal então dou o crédito merecido srsrsrs… 128 more words