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Making A Decision

The sun had not yet shed any light on the eastern horizon when Helen drove me into the parking lot of the Sebastian River Medical Center. 536 more words


Deliverance of idolatry

Aloha dear reader!
We go a little deeper in how to replace idolatry with the real worship today!
Idolatry is what we do when we are not fully satisfied in God.  618 more words

Long-haul flights expose you to twice the radiation of an X-ray

The Tweet: “One flight from New York to London gives travelers about the same level of radiation as a chest X-ray.”

We are all exposed to solar and cosmic radiation that penetrates our atmosphere. 433 more words

The Untweetable Truth

Dark Matter Detected?

Cutting-edge paper by Professor George Fraser — who tragically died in March this year — and colleagues at the University of Leicester provides first potential indication of direct detection of Dark Matter — something that has been a mystery in physics for over 30 years. 517 more words


30 October 1914

Percy Lubbock says that Calderon was writing today from ‘a casualty clearing station’, but George himself calls it ‘the hospital’. Whichever it was, it presumably had X-ray facilities, because in the X-ray below the damage looks sufficiently fresh for the image to have been made today, possibly in the very early hours of the morning (George arrived at the hospital at midnight, 29 October). 409 more words

The Great War

With some bad news comes good news....

So today was consultant and blood test day ready for chemo tomorrow.  I went to the hospital early and had the blood tests before it got busy, then on to the consultant, good news from him, he is happy with how I am progressing but did want me to go for a chest x-ray as he was concerned about the possibility of some fluid on my lungs, so of we went to x-ray for that. 300 more words