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You Won’t Believe What This Machine Can See

GE – Two days before Christmas 1895, shortly after Wilhelm Röentgen discovered X-rays by experimenting with a cathode tube in his laboratory, he invited his wife to experience the phenomenon. 123 more words

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Cursed :)

So guys listen to this excitement… Friday I was helping friends with cattle; Tagging, putting medicine on them. Anyways so the last calf of the evening I went to go jump a fence… (Which is normal on a farm) and fell off landed on my knee wrong and had to go to the emergency care center. 111 more words

#GoogleGlass may revolutionise medical treatment

Google Glass could revolutionise the way doctors treat diseases and illnesses.

Google Glass could be about to revolutionise the way a range of medical conditions are treated and there are now a number of trials currently taking place across the world. 93 more words


Some people from the past still affect our lives today. One such person is Thomas Edison. He is widely known for his inventions; however, he actually took credit for some of another inventor’s (Nikola Tesla’s) creations and also misinformed people about the advantages of Tesla’s A/C electricity. 328 more words


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I’ve been on an x-ray art related binge lately.  There are some very talented artists out there that create beautiful images both of human anatomy and inanimate objects using x-ray. 81 more words

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Learn More About X-Ray Machine Rental

People are nowadays careful with the health of their lifestyles especially with the numerous health conditions that seem to be affecting most people across the globe. 505 more words


Science developments in the past week (or so!)

As you are all very well aware, I am a science nerd! I try to keep up with recent developments in the world of science, and I wanted to try a new weekly segment on a Thursday about developments in science! 323 more words