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Olympus XA/Ilford Pan F


Sad November.. was a good fashion event!

I love Comfy clothes when its  Sad November ,  Love how REIGN has made their shoes to fit Belleza even with my chunky monkey legs!… 70 more words

“6 Things Every Strong Community Needs” [Relevant]

One of the core values of Chi Alpha is that we “do life” together. That means that small groups are important to us. This article gives some great reminders of the important parts of these communities. 49 more words


waxa aad ka heli kartaa Page kan waxyaabo badan oo ku xiiso galiya


Wanted Poster: Union Square, San Francisco (Olympus XA)

Wanted: For violent sexual molestation (including infant and child sexual molestation) and violent sex terrorism.”

Shot with my Olympus XA, Tri-X 400 and developed at home with Rodinal.


Sad November.. was a good fashion event!

Sad November . was not only an amazing fashion event. but what a beautiful done sim..and I did appreciate the Canadian flag on the Windmill. Seeing i am a BC girl.  115 more words

Xa... Nhưng lần này sẽ khác

Lại đến thời gian mà mình ghét nhất trong năm, khi mà nhiệt độ lúc nào cũng dưới ngưỡng 20

Mùa mới, với một câu chuyện mới, nhưng mà vẫn lại xa… 355 more words

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