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F2FS with ACLs on Raspbmc

I’ve always been kind of reluctant to adopt new file systems.

A file system is for me a fundamental part of an OS, one which failure is an inconceivable circumstance. 390 more words


What is the best backend software to use for a Free-To-Air satellite TV system?

If you use a program like XBMC (which is being renamed to Kodi) to watch live or recorded television, you’re probably already familiar with the backend/fronted model. 3,110 more words

TBS Technologies

Xbmc known issues & fixes

Things that don’t work straight from the download

Project free TV – needs the domain updating or nothing shows up YouTube is your friend for a guide… 9 more words


Blog tidy up soon adding bits as I test new stuff daily mainly XBMC

How if available to add VPN setup to XBMCBuntu – looks like it can’t be done yet which is a shame

I used this askubuntu netwoking question… 45 more words


Xbmc / Kodi install on android

Next install up xiaomi mipad 16gb – download the app from xbmc not available at the play store http:// xbmc.org/download/ its safe to install

The rest is pretty much as Ubuntu download p2p from same place and parser files install and your away simples 👌📲📱💻

Enjoy the weekend


More goodies available - XBMC / KODI - FUSION install

More links just sharing not my own work HERE

Tbf this guy has written most guides on the link and really not worth redoing it all over again… 79 more words