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Dragon Age: Inquisition Release Date Announced

Bioware announced that Dragon Age: Inquisition will release on October 7 of this year continuing their heavily story driven fantasy series.

Alongside the announcement was a brand new trailer showing off some of the games characters and story elements. 143 more words


Soda Drinker Pro - Pax East 2014

Indie studio Snowrunner Games are the developement studio for Soda Drinker Pro. The independent developer will be using ID@Xbox to publish this quirky labor of love. 214 more words


Gears Of War.

G.O.W Three letters instantly recognisable by Gamers Everywhere.

Starting this article I’m not really to sure where I should begin, I mean G.O.W was the reason I brought my 360 in the first place and the subsequent hours I spent playing it and it’s second and third instalments both online and in single player was astonishing to say the least. 608 more words


Playing Catch-up: "Metro:2033"

Right now a new console is out of my reach financially, and that’s fine, I’d rather wait before jumping on the next gen bandwagon anyway. It’s given me a chance to catch up on any games I’ve missed over the last few years.

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Xbox One System Update: 04/14/2014

Today Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's MajorNelson updated his blog. Mr. Hryb proceeds to thank the select few who were able to be a part of the Xbox One's system update preview program. 300 more words


Titanfall: Expedition Pax East 2014

Titanfall: Expedition is the first of three DLC set to be launched within the first DLC season of Titanfall. The release date window for… 193 more words


The Xbox One story (so far).

So I figured we’d have a recap now that we’re almost 5 months in! How time flies when your having fun! Or not, as may have been the unfortunate case for some. 657 more words