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Spoiled By Steam

Buying a gaming PC at the wrong time.

It’s been nine months since the release of the PS4, I bought mine day one or at least day one for my country (November 30th for Mexico). 1,330 more words


SDCC: Halo: The Master Chief Edition Cutscene Fidelity & Revealed Remastered Map.

As everyone has come to expect San Diego Comic Con is filled with nonstop news, reveals, and everything under the sun that a geek could love. 115 more words


Destiny Beta Flash Mob 2 Hour Event!

Just a few minutes away from the flash mob event in Destiny's beta build, which is now open to all players on all console platforms. In this event you have 2 hours to explore and conquer the moon, in a new story mission added to the beta. 100 more words


BUNGiE Rewards All Guardians In Destiny's Beta

Don't forget Guardians, today you get a reward from BUNGiE in the Destiny beta build. Login to your guardian and go to Old Russia, the Tower, or the Crucible at 5PM EST. 32 more words


Calling All Guardians! Destiny Beta Opens To All (PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, & Xbox One)

Via a tweet as I was scrolling moments ago down my Twitter feed. I come across yet another proof of what makes BUNGiE the cream of the crop when it come to company, community relations. 100 more words


Xbox One Finally Kinects with Fans

After five months of being second on the NPD charts, things are finally starting to look up as Xbox One sales double from May to June. 184 more words


Your Destiny (Beta, Achievements/Trophies, and Collectors/Limited Editions) Detailed

BUNGiE the development studio responsible for bringing us an industry's first, “shared world shooter”, provides crucial information for what you can expect before, and during the release of their alternate reality, future sci-fi games beta. 309 more words