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Dark Souls Review

Dark Souls is a game developed by From Software and published by Namco Bandai and running on the Havok engine. It is a third-person action RPG set in medievel times. 438 more words


Beta Review: Destiny Is Full of Promise and Itself

I have long said that Bungie is a studio that takes themselves way too seriously. Their games are full of simple, yet purposefully impenetrable narratives that they profess to be some form of high-art in game storytelling, when in reality, they’re just incredibly simplistic sci-fi narratives (mostly) that are more or less copies of each other. 1,863 more words

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'Guacamelee!': Exploring the Game's Real-Life Mexican Locations

2013’s Grand Theft Auto V probably pleased a lot of denizens from Los Angeles. The game’s huge open-world was filled with several locations and attractions that were inspired by its real-world counterparts from LA. 1,179 more words


Xbox 360 News: Free to Play RTS 'Airmech Arena' Out Today

Today, Ubisoft and Carbon Games announced that AirMech Arena, the fast-paced real-time strategy game that is free to play* for all Xbox Live accounts on the Xbox 360 games and entertainment system from Microsoft, is now available. 208 more words


Playstation 4 News: Deepsilver Buy 'Homefront: Revolution' From Crytek

Deepsilver have today announced that they have purchased all rights to the game ‘Homefront: The Revolution’ from the much in trouble Crytek UK. Reports for a while now have reported staff stopping work altogether as a result of not being paid and now the selling of an IP they purchased during the collapse of THQ for $500,000 has to be a sign that the UK developler is in worse trouble than already feared. 144 more words


Destiny Was Largest Beta In This Generation of Consoles

Activision and Bungie should be patting themselves on the backs right now.

With more than 4.6 million players during the Destiny beta anyone would have the right to be congratulating themselves.  255 more words

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