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Xbox Live have trouble!

Al parecer estos dias microsoft tiene problemas con sus servidores….


Guardians of the Galaxy have content headed to Xbox Live, Minecraft, Marvel Heroes & more....

Revealed at the San Diego Comic Con, Guardians of the Galaxy has a bucket load of content on its way to Xbox Live and various games.


Playing Destiny Beta for Xbox One

Hi everyone! I have been playing Destiny for the xbox one. So far my wife and I have made it to level 8(on her account), which is the highest level you can reach in the beta. 285 more words


Grid 2 Demo Review

Grid 2 is a racing game developed and published by Codemasters and is a sequel to the first game simply known as Grid. Note i played the Xbox Live Demo. 470 more words


How to submit feedback for the Xbox One

We think we’ve done a fairly good job of keeping you informed as to what is coming out in each new update for the Xbox One but we haven’t yet told you how you can make a difference yourself. 191 more words


YouTube Channel Update: The Chi-Scroller Plays BattleBlock Theater and Neversoft's Apocalypse

First up, as you’ve no doubt heard by now, Activision has taken the entire Neversoft team and had them absorbed into Infinity Ward in order to help them crank out… 257 more words


Destiny beta...our musings

Destiny is a game that has had it’s fair share of controversy, from composer Marty O’Donnell being fired and consequently suing Bungie right up to Playstation getting early access to the BETA. 775 more words

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