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All Work and No Play...

I feel so negligent for not having posted anything in two weeks.  Damnit, two weeks?  Really?  Gah, well, if you follow me, I apologize for being the horrid blog slacker that I am/was.   1,238 more words


Domino's Feed Me!

Xbox One UK owners will now be able to order your Pizza through Kinect. 153 more words


TTotD: I love Mondays.

Happy beginning of the week everyone! I try to avoid the word ‘Monday’ because it normally makes people cringe, and sometimes in extreme cases, create a blanket fort and stay inside all day. 548 more words


Game of the Month - October

So yea I know that October is almost over but after spending the weekend back home, I fell in back in love with the very game that prompted me to buy a console. 404 more words

Amateur Gamer

Microsoft, 1mo Game Cards?

So this weekend I needed to renew my XBL subscription but I didn’t want to renew it for three months. So on Saturday I went to gas stations and even a Walmart(can waste too much gas) in hopes of finding a 1mo game card for $9.99. 121 more words

Amateur Gamer

Updated version of GTA: San Andreas hits Xbox 360 next week, 2007 me rejoices

By William Chandler

This is a bit of a weird one. Some rumors from earlier in the week were confirmed when Rockstar announced yesterday that Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas would see a slightly updated re-release on Xbox Live October 26th, just in time for the game’s tenth anniversary. 121 more words