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Fun and Games at LonCon3

Only a week after the event, here’s my event report. Just like back in school. The short version: a great time was had and lots of new and interesting people were met, including some heroes of mine in within fiction writing. 1,634 more words

No Rest for the Righteous ...or is that Wicked?

So I’ve been trying to get back into the routine of writing and editing everyday – it’s wasn’t going quite as well as I might have hoped. 185 more words


At a Loss for Words

You all know that I have been sending requests to blog which host book reviews, looking for honest feed back about, ‘Tomorrow Wendell’. One of the sites kind enough to agree to do so has just posted the review. 113 more words


So You Only Need One Attitude For All Phases?

It seems that it doesn’t matter what part of the process you are going through, as a writer (and I suspect in everything but since I deal with the real world so rarely I won’t press the point) you only need phase. 464 more words


Here There Be Writing Adventures!

Now that I’ve had half-a-sec to catch my breath following “Song Caster” Launch Week (…well, maybe two-fifths-of-a-sec. …okay, so maybe I’m not breathing), I thought it high time to let you in on some other writing-related news bits – sort of a “What’s Up Wednesday” for the Thursday crowd. 540 more words

More To Do With Writing Than Not