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Edits! Oh My, The Edits!

So I had a brief sabbatical from editing, ‘Tomorrow Wendell’ – a little shy of a week – while my editor at Xchyler Publishing dealt with other projects. 193 more words


Define - Short?

So I wrote more on this short story, whose name I think I’m going to change, and I have only two small scenes, and one significant scene, left to write. 302 more words


Soldier On

This morning, after writing a short scene in the fourth Jonathan Alvey novel, ‘Corrupted Souls’, I checked my ‘Drop box’ to see what was waiting for me from my editor. 76 more words


Chapter One - Version 3

I have just completed the edits for chapter one. It took about 3 hours to do.

So far there has been no real obstacles. My editor has kept me smiling with her comments and quips and has asked for nothing unreasonable. 83 more words


It was Waiting with Beady Little Eyes

So this morning I checked my ‘drop box’ expecting that my editor at Xchyler would have completed her edits of the first chapter.

I wasn’t wrong. 138 more words


Cry Havoc and Let Loose the Editors of War!

I have just uploaded the newest version of ‘Tomorrow Wendell’ into my editors hands. GULP!

It will be no time now before I get that first chapter back, so covered in red ink I can’t see the original text under it. 167 more words