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XCOM: Operation Purple Sentinel

Go figure it’s what… 23:00 and this is when we are on our way out.  For Gods sake it’s a Monday night I should be bellied up to the bar and sipping a pint of… 1,102 more words


Poor Man's Gamer Presents: Strategy is Key Pt. 3, XCOM: Enemy Unknown

Welcome back to the third installment of my look at strategy games.  This week we are taking a look at a personal favorite of mine, a game that I’ve meant to write about for a while now.  529 more words


XCOM: Hotel Congo

I arrived on the 8th of March and I gotta say the place has a certain UN feel to it.  Well if the UN actually had some balls at any rate.  1,029 more words


A Different View of XCOM

Yesterday I took advantage of a Steam sale to pick up The Bureau: XCOM Declassified and I’ve been playing it quite a bit. That said, I think I’ve almost beat the game and it’s only my second day of playing it. 850 more words


XCOM: Happy Birthday to me.

March 5, 2015, there I was sitting at the Burning Wheel Inn enjoying a frothy pint of Keith’s with the boys.  What with it being my birthday and all we were celebrating proper.   780 more words


XCOM Enemy Unknown Multiplayer

You may have noticed that I’m revisiting a game I previously played-XCOM: Enemy Unknown. That’s because as I was starting it up after my dismal run-in with CLR, I noticed the little multiplayer button that I’d previously skipped over in favor of continuing the campaign. 477 more words


XCOM: Enemy Unknown on iPhone Impressions

2K raised some eyebrows (mine included) when they announced a port of XCOM: Enemy Unknown for iOS. I love that game, but how the heck were they going to make it work on those devices? 408 more words

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