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Well it appears that the couple weeks of training was a complete pipe dream, hell we were still drinking our “Welcome Aboard” beers when Bradford comes rolling into the… 853 more words

Xcom: Enemy Unknown


After we settled in from saving Mr. Somebody, Oudette and I get talking, mostly the same stuff we talked about before really.  I am genuinely worried for her because at the rate she’s going her lucks gonna run out and her tickets going to get punched.  992 more words


Across Procedurally Generated Generations in MASSIVE CHALICE

When my narrators/advisers in MASSIVE CHALICE told me that that process of ridding the world of evil would take a long time: Sure, I thought, this will be a grand scale videogame campaign. 598 more words


XCOM: Operation Empty Empire

In the last couple of days I have met just about everyone here at the base, at least on the combat arms side of things.  Counting them all up, we got what, a full platoon, maybe two understrength ones?  1,500 more words


Falling Skies: The Game - Review

Heroes will rise…sort of

(Reviewed on Xbox 360)

XCOM. Get used to that word if you’re not familiar with it, as it’s going to come up a fair bit in this review. 2,621 more words


Monthly Update: The Gamer's Thumb

All in all, I feel like I could be forgiven for once again neglecting this place. At the heart of the matter is that both my hands have developed what’s called  186 more words


Game Review: XCOM: Enemy Unknown

The greatest RTS of the noughties might seem like an exaggeration to some but it feels like understatement when describing XCOM: Enemy Unknown. The base building, alien killing, soldier mourning and resource hoarding title plays perfectly on every platform it is on, delivering a regularly tense and emotional experience to players. 37 more words