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Who Is Watching Us If There Is No God?

One of the prime appeals of religion is a father figure who watches over everyone and everything.  I’m a lifelong atheist, so I don’t think about a personal God who listens and watches over me.  Yet, I know that the faithful need a higher power they feel is watching over them.  That desire to be noticed is very important to most people.  People cling to the concept of God for just a few reasons despite all the endless varieties of religions and their verbose theologies.  They don’t want to die, they want to be protected, they want someone to always care about them, and they want divine justice. 596 more words


Opium field by xidir

Turkey Denizli city of ayfon field. To a beautiful day at the hands of these frames
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The beautiful city bakü by xidir

Hello again after a long hiatus, I love all of you and among you. Baku, Azerbaijan
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