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Life Lessons from Xena: Warrior Princess - Cradle of Hope

Season 1 Episode 4 – Cradle of Hope

A king with a fancy gold headband listens to an oracle tell him of her vision – a child born on the equinox will inherit his throne. 684 more words


There Was Water . . . Briefly

When I rode yesterday, I was interested to see evidence that there had been real water in the river.  There isn’t any now, but I could see its tracks, so to speak.  150 more words


Life Lessons from Xena: Warrior Princess - Dreamworker

When the episode begins, Gabrielle is defending herself with Xena’s sword against a very vicious…tree stump. Xena is unimpressed and takes her sword back. (SWORDS ARE NOT AXES GABRIELLE!) Gabrielle thinks that she should be trained to defend herself with a weapon but the warrior disagrees – Xena tells her that people are too quick to draw their swords and that the first strategy should always be to run away. 641 more words


WGGs Cosplay Picks: Hulkbuster, Disney Battle Princesses, Nebula, and More

Welcome to We Geek Girls (WGGs) “Cosplay Picks,” where we share the amazing world of cosplay.

Disney Battle Princesses

Cosplayed by: Gladzy Kei Art & Cosplay… 105 more words


Episode 5 – Tweeeets from the Fuuutuuuuuuuuure


Dear Listener,

This week we’ve answered YOUR questions! You may not have thought of them yet, but we did all that tough thinking work for you. 213 more words


Nameless Way 18

When the nameless way is lost, people resort to tradition.

When tradition is lost, people resort to law.

When law is lost, people resort to equilibrium morality. 148 more words


Judge Of Character Episode 5: Xena

After getting an odd letter, Steve decides to take on Xena and discover why she’s a memorable character, hopefully without getting distracted by the sexy…