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White Space: 1999

The first issue of Tides of Time to be published in 1999 has now been uploaded.

Tides 23 features a look at Doctor Who-watching and its effect on character; several strong pieces of fiction; an assessment of Stephen Cole’s period as editor-in-chief of  90 more words

All My Pixel Ladies

I’ve been playing a bit of Life is Feudal lately, and by “a bit,” I really mean, “twelve hours in front of the computer at a time so I had Chinese food delivered.” It’s still in Alpha so I know any kind of review of the game would be unfair, and despite what people on the internet have said about me, I do  997 more words


Wonder Woman to Have New 52 Origin in "Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice"

So… That basically says it right there. Diana will now be just another bastard child of Zeus which, by the way, is literally the world’s oldest cliche. 251 more words

Movie News


One of the most interesting parts of riding out is watching the dogs.  Xena and Peaches are such different characters, yet both of them have a body language that’s easy to translate. 111 more words


Circus Life - I am a geek

Confession #1: My friend J moved to London a month before I did, so I was not entirely alone when I arrived. (She made the far more practical choice to enroll in teachers’ college in the UK rather than my wing-and-a-prayer approach.) 1,288 more words


The Xena Drinking Game or… How to Get Completely Hammered in 45 Minutes or Less with the Aid of a Campy ‘90s Adventure Show (And Liquor… Lots of Liquor)

The Rambling Preamble (The Pre-Ramble?)

As you might recall from a previous post, this Thursday marks one year since I told my best friend it was a no-go on the peen, panicked, swept my computer off my desk, and ran away screaming with my arms flailing wildly about. 1,266 more words


Xena: Warrior Princess

Growing up, most people have a superhero that they look up to: Superman, Batman, Spiderman, Wonder Woman, Jean Grey, Catwoman (sometimes).  When I was growing up, this was my superhero: 218 more words

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