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Xena Warrior Princess

This Halloween I was Xena: Warrior Princess. I loved this show when I was a kid. Xena was my heroine and making this costume was a lot of fun! 98 more words

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Love Rescued Me, too

Here’s a post from a fellow schnauzer lover (remember, I may have Type 1 diabetes, but my mini schnauzer Xena stole my heart forever, and she will  always be the best dog ever :) )This fundraiser only runs through the end of this week, so please order a t-shirt TODAY at  159 more words


NOC Origin: If I Had a Horcrux, it'd Probably be My Terminator Boxset

So my version of a nerd is a person who passionately and purposefully seeks out the way- more-than-necessary knowledge about a strangely specific subject1… 1,140 more words


Thirty Days of Thanks: Day Twelve

This is going to sound absolutely full-on mad as a hatter crazy, but…

I am thankful for the show Xena: Warrior Princess.

I’m sure you’re asking yourself, “What in tarnation are you thinking, Katie?” 409 more words

Thirty Days Of Thanks

Why do we feel TV character pain so much?

So I hang on Twitter a bit (@itnoworky if you’re interested) and I’m in a few ‘fandoms’. There is a lot of love out there for SwanQueen (Once Upon a Time), Doccubus (Lost Girl) and Calzona (Grey’s Anatomy). 624 more words

Bruce Campbell Talks with Lance Walton.

Actor, Author, Director and Producer Bruce Campbell talks with Lance Walton about some of the projects he’s been involved in.

Lance: One of my favorite tv shows of all time is “Burn Notice” so I have to start off talking about that. 729 more words