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Disk Write Cache doesn't work in Windows Server 2012?

When i install Provisioning Server to provisioning my first Windows Server 2012, everything worked fine, i mean, the disk conversion finish successfully and the server boot completely, but the Write Cache on my disk did not work. 125 more words


Webinar : Découvrez ControlUp en vidéo

Le 4 Décembre dernier, Etienne Jeanneau a animé le premier Webinar sur ControlUp, outil d’administration de fermes Citrix, Microsoft RSDH ou VMWare Horizon View.

Pour en savoir plus sur l’administration de fermes ou la gestion d’hyperviseurs XenServer et VMWare, vous pouvez donc retrouver l’intégralité du Webinar dans la… 19 more words

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Citrix Receiver 4.2

Citrix recently released Receiver 4.2 and there are some major enhancements. Typically receiver updates are not worth all that much fanfare but this release has some really noteworthy features. 253 more words


Why GPU is important for ANY virtualization project

During an assessment I did this year together with Thomas Poppelgaard for a company that wanted to do 3D virtualization, we got a report of the GPU consuming applications, and we were surprised by the results. 285 more words


Citrix Receiver 4.2 Startmenu integration

After a long time of waiting Citrix released Receiver 4.2. This release brings back functionality to easily integrate Published Applications into the Startmenu known from the Receiver Enterprise. 540 more words


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Here is a super cool article written on Citrix Receiver 4.2 Start Menu Integration by Jan Hendriks

Citrix Service Provider Reporting Script

#CSP Reporting Script – Get all users that have logged in for this month
#Shad Teague

$dtDate = Get-Date
#Construct file name with date
$strFileName = “C:\Scripts\Reports\LogonReport_” + $dtDate.Year.ToString() + $dtDate.Month.ToString().PadLeft(2,”0″) + $dtDate.Day.ToString().PadLeft(2,”0″) + “.csv” 145 more words