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Xendesktop 7 virtual desktops unrecognised power state.

After replacing hardware on a ESX host blade vCenter had an open question asking if the VM’s had been moved or copied.

This should be answered as moved. 191 more words


Migrating a Citrix XenDesktop Environment to a New VMware vCenter Instance


Recently we ran into a situation where a customer had requested an upgrade to their existing VMware vCenter from version 5.1 to 5.5. Upon reviewing the existing vCenter server, we noticed both VMware SSO and SRM were being used on the same server. 202 more words


You Tube Flash videos won't play on a Xendesktop 7.5 endpoint

I had an issue where You Tube flash videos would start and then stop playing a few seconds later.

This was only happening on Windows t Thin OS clients and worked fine on laptop clients. 150 more words


Update voor Virtual Desktop Design handboek van Citrix

Citrix heeft het uitgebreide XenDesktop Design handboek weer in lijn gebracht met de huidige software releases. Nieuwe onderwerpen die aan bod komen zijn:


Xendesktop VM with McAfee Move will not register if it has a pVdisk

When using McAfee move with a Xendesktop 7.5 VM with a pVdisk the VDA will not register with any DDC.

There is an MS Hotfix… 28 more words


Appsense session data not saving

Appsense session data may not save when Xendesktop VSA’s are set to shut down on logoff.

This is caused by the VDA shutting down before the Emloggof process has completed. 18 more words


Duplicate Folders When Redirecting Special Folders with Appsense


Duplicate folders are visible in the “Users Files” (%userprofile%) view on Vista/W7/2008 when redirecting special folders with Environment Manager (EM).


The reason for this is that this view is in reality a merged library consisting of both links to the users special folders and any files/folders within the users {CSIDL_PROFILE} directory. 139 more words