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Best Linux apps for non-Gnome, non-KDE desktops

Best Linux apps for non-Gnome, non-KDE desktops.

Great article by Dedoimedo.com. These alternatives are pretty useful for your new installed Xubuntu/XFCE environment. Check them out and tell me if you liked them or prefer something else!


Why doesn't Thunar use your icon theme's folder icons?

You change your icon theme and find that Thunar uses the stock Gnome icons for directories, like in this image:

Other file managers–Nautilus, Caja, PCManFM–use your theme’s folder icons, but Thunar refuses to obey. 157 more words


[manjaro] show date / time on the taskbar

Ubuntu has a top panel where you can see the date / time. I prefer the 24h system (North American am / pm makes me sick), I want to see the day of the week, and I also want to see the date. 53 more words


Using i3lock with xfce in arch linux

I finally parted my ways with ubuntu a couple of days back and installed arch linux and I really think it was a good decision since I learnt a whole set of new things in just these couple of days, like I dint know how the mounting of a usb drive was done in the background, but now since everything in arch has to be done manually am learning quite a lot of things. 269 more words


Linux (debian based) on a Dell Latitude D430 with PD01X docking station

The D430 is an ancient computer but I still love it because its small while having many features and can do everything I need. After the demise of Windows XP I was looking for an alternative. 1,431 more words


Установка GUI на Debian/Ubuntu/Mint

Установка GUI на Debian/Ubuntu/Mint
Хочу рассказать как можно установить графический рабочий стол на ОС, такие как Debian/Ubuntu/Mint. Я собрал большое количество графических оболочек до кучи в своей статье «Установка GUI на Debian/Ubuntu/Mint». Хочу отметить, мне само больше нравится 3…