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Hello World

“Every adventure requires a first step. Trite but true, even here.” Cheshire Cat – American McGee’s Alice

I’m Eric Koegel, also known as eric_the_idiot on … 325 more words


Установка GUI на RedHat/CentOS/Fedora

Установка GUI на RedHat/CentOS/Fedora
У меня есть CentOS 6 с минимальными настройками и используется как веб-сервер. Но данный сервер использует только консоль, а я еще хотел бы использовать и графический интерфейс к моему серверу (используя подключение через VNC к моему серверу). Вы можете устан…

Linux XFCE: No sound? How to check?

1. Try the several commands below and based on their output, google to find out the solution.

$ alsermixer
$ amixer
$ xfce4-mixer

2. Another solution is to remove pulseaudio. 9 more words


XFCE: No sound?

Run the following command to check sound card setting:



cat /proc/asound/cards

If sound card setting is “Dummy Output”, do the following to make the sound card being reconized: 17 more words


XFCE: Unable to mound removable drive?

When encountering an error that doesn’t allow you to mount removable drive in XFCE, for example the error message can be:

Failed to mount <device_name> Not authorized to perform operation…

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Debian jessie XFCE hang on login [solved]

Today I had a nasty surprise when turning on my computer: when I tried to login, it hanged while closing the login screen, and my desktop didn’t appear. 227 more words


Toshiba L450D

After a break for the summer holidays and an operation on my knee, I’ve started a couple of hardware projects. First up is a Toshiba Satellite (AMD Athelon X2 era), which is in need of some love. 132 more words