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Laggy menu in XFCE

If you use XFCE on Debian or Xubuntu you probably encountered the problem with the application menu – it takes a second or two before icons load. 198 more words


Saving my screen estate on Xfce (Linux, Firefox)

For me, the most annoying thing in Xfce, my desktop environment of choice on Ubuntu, is that they don’t have a global menu. You know, when you maximize an app in Unity, its title bar would merge with the panel. 629 more words

Tech Findings

XFCE Bind Windows Key (Super L) To Application Menu (Start Menu)

The Problem

I’ve decided to try XFCE desktop environment for Ubuntu, otherwise known as Xubuntu. I love the light weight environment, however, as a windows user i also like my application menu to pop up when using the “Windows Key”. 89 more words


Two, two is better than one!

Two monitors one machine. I’ve been using XFCE on my machine, that is until today. I needed to figure out why XFCE could not detect my second monitor. 60 more words

Mouse acceleration and sensitivity script for Linux

Unfortunately, customizing¬†the sensitivity and acceleration settings of your mouse can be a little bit arduous under Linux. I’m running Debian Linux 7.6 Wheezy with the Xfce desktop environment, and the built in preferences pane doesn’t modify the settings of my mouse at all! 257 more words


11 things to do after installing Linux Mint 17 (Qiana) XFCE

Linux Mint 17 is now out.  Previous readers know that I install the XFCE version on my laptop

I was running the XFCE version of Linux Mint 16 on my desktop, where previously, I had been running the Cinnamon version.  2,824 more words


Centos 7 update...

There really isn’t one just yet. I’ve installed 7 on my laptop and that’s about it. The default desktop is Gnome 3 but unlike the first time I saw it on Fedora 18, the desktop is not that much different from Gnome 2.3. 113 more words