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Установка GUI на Debian/Ubuntu/Mint

Установка GUI на Debian/Ubuntu/Mint
Хочу рассказать как можно установить графический рабочий стол на ОС, такие как Debian/Ubuntu/Mint. Я собрал большое количество графических оболочек до кучи в своей статье «Установка GUI на Debian/Ubuntu/Mint». Хочу отметить, мне само больше нравится 3…

Trying out Xubuntu 14.04

I’ve recently installed Xubuntu 14.04 (Trusty Tahr) on my old Sony Vaio laptop. So far everything seems to be working, although sometimes after starting up I will get a system error message about hibernation problems. 43 more words


Back to Linux

I’m using Linux (GNU/Linux in case stallman is reading) once again, but this time on my main laptop, an Acer 4820TG.

Of course, plenty of problems showed up as I switched between 4 distros (Debian, Deepin, Ubuntu, Crunchbang, back to Debian). 32 more words



ConsoleKit2 is a fork of ConsoleKit I’ve been working for a little while.

My main motivation is because there isn’t currently a standard for system actions like suspend/hibernate anymore. 138 more words


Minimizing Evolution to the Xfce notification area

Minimizing Evolution to the Xfce notification area doesn’t work out of the box but can be set up. 262 more words

Tired of Having to Update to the Latest Linux Distro?

Recently I have started to despise being pushed to update my Linux distro just because support was being stopped.

I used to only go with the Ubuntu LTS releases until I needed some more up to date libraries and software to compile a new piece of software I needed. 230 more words