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Teaching Myself HTML, CSS, and XHTML Day 2 - Making Magic Happen With CSS!

It’s day 2 and slowly but surely, I’m moving into the world of web design. Continuing where the last chapter left off, I’m updating Starbuzz corp’s website through Cascading Style Sheets or CSS for short. 300 more words

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Teaching Myself HTML, CSS, and XHTML Day 1 (Sort of)

So… I wanted to create another WordPress blog, you know¬†start from scratch and develop my writing skills. When I tried to re-registered my e-mail, I found out this blog’s still alive. 521 more words

Autodidacting Activities

HTML5 Specs Finalized After 15 Years | Come Together Right Now

Rich media has been a touchy subject for web development over the past few years. Heck, the very nature of web development has been debated as well right down to the general specs. 293 more words


XHTML Well-formedness Validation with Prolog

Here I am presenting a prolog program that will check the well-formedness of an XHTML document. The term XHTML well-formedness describes an XHTML document where all the texts follows all the syntactic rules labeled as well-formedness rules in the XHTML specification. 2,851 more words