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Update on bloodwork

Here is the update on my blood-work.

I had over 20 tubes of blood drawn today; I don’t know how I didn’t pass out.

Here are the tests that I am being examined for. 77 more words


The problem with democracy

When the pepper spray and the tear gas dissolved, and people slightly relieved of the pain, the so-called violent mobs of protestors started doing something magical. 534 more words


What use has a Lion for a rose...

Sometimes images strike my eye quite loudly…
Such as this one did yesterday…

XI Strength ~ The Wild Unknown Tarot

I seemed to see such sadness in this creature’s eyes… this weary looking King of the Beasts… 153 more words


XI: The Weekend of September 21st

-Both sides left a little disappointed when Manchester City drew 1-1 with Chelsea on Sunday. Everyone, that is, except the neutral viewers. The home side will regret not getting all three points over the title challengers, while Jose Mourinho and Chelsea will be upset that they let a 1-0 lead slip with City down to ten men. 798 more words


Nấu xôi ngon, nhanh bằng lò vi sóng

Những ngày đầu mình học nấu bằng lò vi sóng mình chỉ nấu với nước lạnh thôi sau đó biết cách nấu nấu mình nấu chung với nước cốt dừa ăn thấy ngon hơn nhiều lắm nên nếu nấu với nước cốt dừa là ròm nấu bằng lò vi sóng thôi.   467 more words



In an article to be published in the German newspaper
{Neue Solidaritaet}, and also the {Executive Intelligence
Review}, over the coming days, Helga Zepp-LaRouche, founder of… 585 more words


The British Monarchy's Nightmares Are Coming True

The solid steps toward a new, and deeper, partnership on economic and strategic issues, taken by Chinese President Xi and Indian Prime Minister Modi in New Delhi Sept. 464 more words