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The Horrors - So Now You Know (single) (XL Recordings)

There’s lots of anticipation surrounding The Horrors’ upcoming fourth album, Luminous. Given the leaps and bounds the band made from The Cramps-esque horror-punk of their debut… 293 more words


Here is my final outcome for the XL Recordings project. I have chosen this particular outcome because, this represents Tyler the Creators personality is so many ways. 73 more words

XL Recordings

Gil Scott-Heron - Nothing New

It was during the I’m New Here (2008) recording sessions at New York’s Looking Glass studios that Gil Scott-Heron recorded stripped-down new versions of some of his greatest (but not necessarily best-known) songs. 81 more words



The final colour I chose was pink, this colour I feel represents him very well. Pink shows that he is bubbly, wacky, silly character so pink fits in nicely. 103 more words

XL Recordings


This time I’ve chose the colour green, because Tyler the creator can be a slimy character at times, but I still don’t think this is the best colour to use for him, so the picking the right colour search still goes on. 38 more words

XL Recordings


After doing my first idea, earlier on I thought that I couldn’t really stick with red trying different typefaces and layouts on a red background. So for the next few ideas, I’ve decided to use different colours that I feel represent Tyler the Creators personality, so the whole outcome will tie in altogether  better than just chucking some random colours together. 45 more words

XL Recordings